the big MYSTERY project!

I didn’t make anything for myself this year.



So this year …

16 pages.

20″ X 15″ design

104 colors.

This year I will stitch something magnificently Marika with colors like peacock, pumpkin and plum. I’ll post pics at the beginning of every month to keep me at it. Since I get bored easily, I have small  projects planned for the side. This year I , as St. Threadia of the Finger Pricked  is my witness, WILL finish some thing for me.  I have Poe’s corner to decorate, so maybe more than one!

Also a big thank you to Iowa Lisa, who believe it or not, has better access to craftiness than I do. Can you believe that the closest craft store is in Branson?  BRANSON!  And yet, the countryside is littered with little stores that sell quilts and finished craft materials. Where are you getting your materials people?!


Look at all those pretty colors!  Wish me luck — and keep on me!

 Oh, and Lisa, you will be making another trip to Joanne’s – turns out I need 2 of every color.

Long Black Veil

This book has been in my “to read” pile for a very long time.


Time for a confession. Phone Kitten is a cute little chick lit mystery and I’m so proud of it. I’m  working on the second one, I know – still… I promise I am going to finish it.  I SWEAR!  However, in my heart of hearts, I would love to write a dark, brooding gothic novel  and really have it be DARK AND BROODING. I don’t think that my writing  is quite “there” yet.  If I were to write anything dark now, it would read like a Scooby Doo novel.  Obviously I am a lover of the Scoob, and I don’t think writing a Scooby Doo mystery is a bad thing, those meddling kids are inspiration for my Emily, and I would be proud to write it.  But like I said there is something about a decaying mansion, a family curse, a haunted hero, who should also be dark and brooding by the way, that just speaks to me.  Add a crazy old lady locked in the attic – and I am  IN.

So I am thinking  out loud, I’m going to be going to a writers group that meets monthly starting in January.  They don’t know me and they probably don’t know Emily, is that the to work on my dark and creepy? Maybe …

By the way, totally enjoying The Thirteenth Tale.

A Snow Flake Fell….

…and then another and another … and another!


I just wanted to check in and tell all of you that IT’S SNOWING!!!  Like really snowing!  Like I drove 30 miles an hour on the way home because I haven’t driven in snow in about a billion years and I was ascared of slippery roads.

Oh, and I had the merriest of Christmases. It has been so long since I’ve spent the holiday with my family. All in all, Dash was adored, we got a few pressies – some handmade, and wow,they really are the ones that mean the most!

Food was eaten and the eternal questions were asked. Exactly how much deep fried turkey can one take home without appearing piggish? Wait, it’s Christmas, is piggishness held against you  on a day of feasting?  Have no fear, Since IT’S SNOWING my Mama is concerned about me not being able to leave the house for days so I was sent home with TONS of turkey and leftovers, including pie and cookies.

The only bleak spot on an otherwise perfect day? BROKEN CAMERA. I  KNOW!  What is with me and the freaking cameras? Why do they shatter in my hands?  Have no fear,  I have a receipt and I have a phone number. There will be a solution that does not involve me saving up and getting another camera. I will keep you posted…

…and I hope your Christmas was as delightful as mine.

Christmas Greetings!

“It came without ribbons!  It came without tags!  It came without packages, boxes or bags!”… Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!  “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”  ~Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Nuttin’ for Christmas

So it finally happened. The day I have been dreading. This year I inherited part of my Christmas legacy.  I received my mother’s Nutcracker collection.  I know that most people would see this as a good thing, a mother passing down  some of her favorite decorations  to her daughter, because make no mistake, my Mom loves her some Nutcracker.  The problem is with me.  I don’t.  In fact, I find the Nutcracker kinda creepy. Bare in mind that I’m the girl who also celebrated and still embraces Krampusnacht and has a small collection of Living Dead Dolls.   By the way, I am happy to report,  Krampus  did not leave me switches this year nor was I  thrown into a burlap bag and tossed  into an icy river.  I was a good girl this year.

I honestly think that my problem stems with horror movies, which I love.  Maybe it’s because any good Nutcracker looks a little like something Lon Chaney Sr. would create, or it could be that I’ve just seen one too many “a doll comes to  life and tries to kill you in your sleep” movies.   I can’t help but be reminded of that scene in Child’s Play where Catherine Hicks catches a glimpse  of evil serial killer possessed Chuckie running from the corner of her eye.   Of course, my Living Dead Dolls would never do this, they are upfront in their evil – not so with nutcrackers. I  have always eyed them with suspicion.  Yes, they came out at Christmas  and they should be all festive  but I suspected something a little more sinister was going on at night when visions of sugar plums were dancing in my head.  And of course their painted on eyes were always staring me.  Always.

And now they are mine.

So the worst part about the nutcracker collection? Obviously I have to put them out. If my Mom stopped by and saw I didn’t have them on display – well  she’d get all Krampus on me.  I just don’t have any shelf or counter space for them in my new place.  I don’t have any bookcases or shelving yet …so there is only one place with the space for my creepy wooden friends.

The bathroom…

where they can watch me shower.  It’s like having 8 Norman Bates in the bathroom with you.  Oh look, the one with the ax has worked his way up front.

Photo Friday – Best of 2012

Okay, remember that I was sans camera for a very long time, so my “best of…”  is actually only from December – This was taken from my recent trip to Branson. Shh, I wasn’t supposed to take pictures – but I loved that girl in the back! 


If you want to see more Photo Friday, check out the website. If you want me to slip me a Christmas pressie in the form of a french noblewoman holding a china bowl, send me an email! 


Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

Let’s see, anthropomorphic turtles, living in the sewers of New York City with their adoptive father – am anthropomorphic rat, named after Renaissance artists, skilled in the art of ninjutsu fighting crime lords, and just plain old evil…. Of course I know a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan!

Personally, I think once Vanilla Ice and Corey Feldman  are involved there isn’t any going back.   This girl can only go so far, my ninja turtle loving friend feels otherwise.  So I felt that I should honor her and her favorite shelled superheros, so in the tradition of Christmas cross stitch …

Her favorite is Donatello,  but I’m not sure which one is which, after all they’re wearing masks.