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Hiss and Clack

So I got my camera back!  And now I have precious little to take a picture of, so… there’s that. But in honor of my camera I should take a pic of something… so I give you this  I finished … Continue reading

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Photo Friday – Shadow

Excuse yet another Christmas Picture.  My camera is still being held hostage by Nikon. Will my little coolie ever be freed? How many Christmas pictures must Photo Friday endure before Nikon sends Coolie back to me.  For more, less holiday … Continue reading

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Photo Friday – Serene

Check out more Photo Friday.

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Weather Report

Dear Nikon,  On December 23, my camera stopped working. I packed it up and sent it to you.  I missed taking pictures when my family exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. I missed taking pictures on Christmas Day. Today, January 15, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday – Pattern

If you want to see more patterns, check out Photo Friday!

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Photo Friday – The Lucky Shot

Dash in action!  Dash looking at the camera!  That never happens!  I wish he was smiling and running because his love for me is true, but honestly it’s because there is a 26 pound deep fried turkey right behind me. … Continue reading

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I shall taunt you a second time …

My Mom doesn’t always appreciate my endeavors into craftiness.  She likes what I make for her, but other people – not so much. Even with cute hearts and pink piglets, she didn’t think that  this was as adorable as I … Continue reading

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