Hiss and Clack

So I got my camera back!  And now I have precious little to take a picture of, so… there’s that. But in honor of my camera I should take a pic of something… so I give you this 


I finished this up for my landlord, she has a witchy sensibility about her too. She has this displayed in her beauty shop. This was done of my favorite cross stitch designers, Paulette at Plum Street Samplers.  I love her designs – they have that old style feel, but have a touch of whimsy as well.  One of her designs, this one in fact …


…is the reason I got back into cross stitch. I am not a hearts and flowers kinda gal. Yes, I like flowers, but I don’t like stitchin’ them and I don’t want them all over my walls. Not that there is a lot of cross stitch on my walls, but still. you get my point.   

So go check out Plum Street, she’s kinda awesome. 


Weather Report

Dear Nikon, 

On December 23, my camera stopped working. I packed it up and sent it to you.  I missed taking pictures when my family exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. I missed taking pictures on Christmas Day.

Today, January 15, I missed taking pictures of Dash’s first real snow experience.  I live in the woods, the snow is falling and everything is so beautiful. I’d love to show all these things to my  friends, but you know – no camera. 

I really need my camera back. 



PS.  Dash’s first snow day – HILARIOUS

I shall taunt you a second time …

My Mom doesn’t always appreciate my endeavors into craftiness.  She likes what I make for her, but other people – not so much. Even with cute hearts and pink piglets, she didn’t think that  this was as adorable as I did.  By the way, I stand by that piece. It brought great joy to the receiver.  You can imagine her reaction when she saw me stitching this


First, she doesn’t like the “f word” and uses the term “barking spiders.”  And of course, any admission that one might have anything to do with the barking spiders, well  that is just not done.

However, she did like this – and please excuse the pic, I don’t have my camera and my Mom’s kinda sucks and really doesn’t do it justice.


It is adorable when you see it in person!

I get a lot of my patterns on Etsy – with no regretsy. One of my all time favorite shops is PixelPower. Sergei and Anna are fabulous and they’ve done a couple custom designs for me.  Always affordable, always adorable!

… and you can bet my Mom will be getting something spidery.