Hiss and Clack

So I got my camera back!  And now I have precious little to take a picture of, so… there’s that. But in honor of my camera I should take a pic of something… so I give you this 


I finished this up for my landlord, she has a witchy sensibility about her too. She has this displayed in her beauty shop. This was done of my favorite cross stitch designers, Paulette at Plum Street Samplers.  I love her designs – they have that old style feel, but have a touch of whimsy as well.  One of her designs, this one in fact …


…is the reason I got back into cross stitch. I am not a hearts and flowers kinda gal. Yes, I like flowers, but I don’t like stitchin’ them and I don’t want them all over my walls. Not that there is a lot of cross stitch on my walls, but still. you get my point.   

So go check out Plum Street, she’s kinda awesome. 


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