me at the V

So as one might imagine, there isn’t a lot of night life in Lakeview Arkansas, population 743 – wait 744 since I’ve moved here.  That’s okay, that means I just cross the dam and spend my nights in Bull Shoals, population 1,940.  Because Bull Shoals is where it’s at – and by “it’s” I mean the grocery store, the boat docks, the library, and the volunteer fire department.

Anyway, last Friday I ventured out for my first social outing that did not involve my Mom ( it’s okay to laugh…)


Trivia night at the VFW.

There was a $5 cover charge that went to charity one of their members actively supports, every month the charity changes, also there is a 50/50 raffle, which I did not win – but Jan who was on my team did — A ROUND OF DRINKS !!!

Yes, I was the youngest person there. Yes, there were a lot of military questions, which believe it or not surprised me.  I KNOW!  Marika, you were at the V.F.W. !!!!  And there was one category  that I  called into question … CLASSIC MOVIES FROM THE SIXTIES  … Were there really any classic movies made in the 60′s?  Luckily for me,  the gang at the V consider Elvis movies to be classics  - and so do I!

I had a really good time, and my team was pretty good, in fact we were tied for first place — the last chapter was American History, and thanks to my absolutely unnatural  knowledge of the Jackson Administration, we got this …

trivia 001

Yeah, we’ll be back on the twenty-third, and by the way, I’m brushing up on my James Buchanan.

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2 thoughts on “me at the V

  1. I used to KILL at the original Trivial Pursuit game. I did okay with Baby Boomers and RPM, too. But when we acquired Genus 2 and some other one–can’t remember now–I had to hang up the tiara. I sucked. Anything Eighties and after became my Achilles heel.

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