Photo Friday – Neglect

When I saw that NEGLECTED was the theme for Photo Friday, I KNEW what I wanted to take a picture of, there is an abandoned motel on the way into town that is a little bit Batesy – and you know how I love that.  So yeah, I took that picture, and then coming home from the grocery store ( pork roast for dinner! ) I took a wrong turn and came across this.


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3 Responses to Photo Friday – Neglect

  1. missmichb says:

    I kinda dig that little house in the middle of nowhere. :)

  2. Lisa says:

    The house is certainly painted nicely.
    When I come to see you, we totally have to stop by the Batesy Motel to take pics!

  3. How often wrong turns turn out to be right for one reason or another.

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