Supermassive Black Hole

Hey!  Remember when I started THE BIG MYSTERY PROJECT, and I showed you all those pretty colors, and I promised to  keep you updated on the progress? Well, there has been some!  Here is where I am at! 


Yes, Cats and Kittens, I have made a black rectangle and there is more to come, that black retangle is only going to be getting bigger.  I have to tell you, I am on one cross stitching adventure with this one. 

As you can imagine. the black retangle can be boring, even though the overall project isn’t, and as with any project, i always have something smaller to work when I can’t look at the black rectangle for one moment longer.  And here is that…



Oh, look! cross stitch meets S&M!  The two go together more than you think.  

Also, how do you like that bowl?  Two buck thrift store find. My Mom thinks I spent two bucks too much, but I likes it!


Oh yeah, and I’m writing!

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