30 Days Of Creativity – Day 26 WUNDERBAR!

So as a few of you could tell, I was really close to finishing  Wonder Woman, I just had her hair, her headpiece, and her emblem – and voila done!  So I wanted to power through, get her done and be able to show off  another Christmas gift that I had finished.  By the way, if you have a thing for super heroes, or pop culture, even anti heroes – the place to go for all your stitching needs is pixelpowerdesign on etsy. If what you need isn’t there,  just send Sergei a message – he’s done a lot of custom stuff for me and every single one of them has been perfect. He’s super sweet, and the designs are always perfect!  So here she is … Wonder Woman!  


Seriously, how cute is she? How are you not running to pixelpower right now? 

There was something I wanted to say about my little Wonder Woman. I get real excited when I work on something, and I always hope that the person on the receiving end knows that when I make something for them, I think of them with every stitch – and that is certainly true with Wonder Woman – however tonight, it took on a little more meaning. 

While I was getting Wonder Woman’s hair in order, I was also paying attention to the filibuster that was going on in the Texas Statehouse.  State Senator Wendy Davis, stood up for the women of Texas, literally. She filibustered for 13 hours to prevent the passing of a bill that would practically ban abortion in the state of Texas. Imagine standing 13 hours without using the bathroom, leaning against anything – grueling.  While this was going on, I couldn’t help but think of some of the women I have known in my life.  

I know mothers, including my own, who have not only fought for their kids, but to make the lives of children everywhere better. I know nurses and caregivers that not only treat the sick and injured, but offer them comfort when no one else is there. I know crafty girls that make quilts for veterans and knit socks and hats for the homeless to use in winter. I know writers that mentor, who share their vision for a better world and make people laugh. I know social workers who lend their strength to others when they can’t make it on their own, I know women that volunteer at animal shelters, libraries, and food banks to help others in need. 

Last night, when things were looking pretty grim in Texas, Joss Whedon, who I adore  ( OF COURSE ) tweeted the following: “If we can’t get justice, at least we got heroes. #standwithwendy ”  It made realize, that no matter what happens, I’m lucky to know so many. 


I see an adventure in my future…

Yesterday was a pretty busy  day for me. First there was my walk in the morning.  Want to know what sucks about Arkansas? I went for a walk at 7:30am  – I saw this at  8:00 am 

ImageTurkey Vultures following me!  I was a blob of sweat. The humidity was oppressive. By 8:30am Dash and I were DONE!  We walked less, but I sweat more – that has to make up for something. Today was also Dash’s last long walk for the summer I think.  He loves walking, but he is so itchy afterwards. I’ve had to take him to the vet 3 times for different itch treatments. I just hate to take away something he loves, but it is so uncomfortable for him otherwise. 

Life here is beginning to be a lot like Hogan’s Heroes, in that I am always trying to escape and returned unnoticed. Dash crashed after the walk, and I decided to run a few errands before I went to my writers group meeting and I did!  I made it out! 

I was in the middle of errands when I realized I didn’t have my wallet with my cash with me. Of course! No doubt dash was snoozing on the couch with his paw firmly planted on it.  He wins every time.  So instead of finishing my errands I decided to do some investigating. 










Oh, so cheesetastic! 

Guess what Lisa, after dark tours of a haunted cavern and faux mountain village  when you are here!  We are there!