Proud as a …

I know I always go on and on about the animals that hang out in the yard.  it’s turtle mating season, and that can make for an interesting discovery in the backyard.

Dash does well with most of the animals  that visit, including the horny turtles.  Notice I said most. There is one animal that pretty much lives here that he hates  — and I mean HATES.

teddy 003

Meet Teddy.

See? There really is a peacock in the backyard. Since Dash has given up on the vacuum cleaner, Teddy has become his sworn enemy, especially if there is someone is with him. Dash loves to put on a tough guy show.

For his part, Teddy is actually terrified of Dash.   I think  Little Man finds this surprising and delightful.   Dash has chased Teddy, and if you have never seen a  peacock run, trust me it is a sight to behold.  And did you know they could fly? Neither did we, and honestly I’m not sure that it was actually flying as much as it was jumping and flapping.  He got to the roof, and from the roof he went to the tree and from there he screamed at us.  Dash was quite pleased.

The vacuum cleaner never did that.

Photo Friday – Activity

Tomorrow we’re up early to join my Mom  on another walk, this is how our greeting looks  every morning. 


As you can see, they are very happy to see each other, and it’s only partially due to the bacon Oma is carrying in her pocket.  So , you thought Dash was spoiled before, right?  You shouled see him now.  If I am away from home for more than 4 hours, he goes to see Oma and Opa for the afternoon.  A shelf in one of the kitchen cabinets is  dedicated to his treats.  If Oma is making breakfast bacon, ham, or sausage, she makes extra for the him. He doesn’t just have food over there, he has a leash, toys, and a bed with his vey own blankie.  Dash is living high on the hog.  I think she deserves it. 


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Cover Me

Excuse me while I squee with excitement. Phone Kitten got a new cover and a certain author is OVER THE MOON!  I lurves it, so you get to suffer though an entry all about it


I am thrilled!  However, I know must live with the shame that you all know that I check my Amazon page more than I should. Which has led to another discovery.  You can see what people have highlighted in their kindle.

“If there was one thing I could never get used to, it was the taste of diet soda. There were certain things I was willing to sacrifice for the diet: candies, cakes, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, but there was no way I was giving up fully loaded Coca-Cola.” 

Guess what? this girl not only has given up Coca Cola, I don’t drink diet coke either.  Occasionally I have a splash of Fresca or Diet Sprite with a glass of Sangria, that’s it. Considering my bottle of Sangria has been in the fridge for a year – that;snot often.  In comparison I have gone through about 72 gallons of  milk.

“Sometimes I had difficulty remembering that “all you can eat” is not a personal challenge.”

Something Emily and I have in common. However I have avoided  the all you can eat chinese places and there are 7 in the area, On the same stretch of road, all close together.  I know the number because when my Mom and I go to Walmart I always  say “What is the deal with all the Chinese Buffets?”  and “Oh look, there’s Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s” I haven’t had pizza in over a year too, and I crave it constantly.

“your life like you’re a corporation. Work hard, do the right thing, make a little time for play, and protect yourself.”

Who the heck wrote that? That is so not me!  I am all about damning the man and bringing corporate America to it’s knees.  Okay, not really, but I talk a good game.  I don’t even remember writing that. Worse yet I couldn’t remember who said it, I know it wasn’t Emily, I had to look it up. I have forgotten key parts of my book!

I went through PK today and wrote down characters and key moments etc … because like I said, you got to protect yourself,  Walmart wouldn’t make a mistake like that.

Sunshiney Day

The 7:30am walks into the wilderness are killing me. It’s hot, sweaty and gross. I end up red faced and puffing, and I fear I might actually die one of these days.  Having said that.  It is pretty.

fog 008

fog 009

We also were followed by a cute red  little fox with black socks. I think it was because my mom had these in her pocket. Dash is mad for them, why not a fox? And by the way you can really smell the eucalyptus and parsley.  I went to take his picture, but my Mom screamed “He’s following us and he’s not afraid, HE HAS RABIES.”

fog 012

See the pretty rocks?

fog 018

A wall of poison ivy

fog 015

See that white thing? Press your face up against the computer screen. That’s a car. apparently someone had some trouble on the boat launch and they had let some water out of the lake,  so the river was pretty fast … and there you have it.

You Light Up My Life

I haven’t been thrifting with my Mama for a while, budget reasons you know. but today  we went grocery shopping today — and I thought you might want a few glimpses into what  went on

As a bit of backstory, I told my parents that I needed to by a baseball bat for home protection.  My Dad, being my Dad thought that it would be better for me to just get a shotgun.  Let’s wrap our mind around that, Marika with a gun.  Is there anyone out there that doesn’t believe that if there was a gun in the house, the next story about a dog shooting it’s owner would be about Dash and I?  First place we went .. big bad ass bat, $2

And I got this


lamp 001

I am doing a mermaid thing in the main bathroom, and while I don’t like the mirror – I do like the pic at the top, and I think it was a deal at $3

lamp 002

Pretty cool, no?  I like it.

So what happens in between thrift stores and garage sales? Fun conversation!

Marika: Oh this song makes me cry

Mom: Let’s listen!

And yes, she turned the volume up – I started to tear up …

Mom: hee hee hee

And here is the best thing I got … my mom thinks it’s a special kind of hideous but very me.  Honestly, I think I started drooling the second I saw it.

LAMP2 002

When the sun hits it, the entire bottom lights up. Currently, it is residing in Poe corner next to a window. I’m not allowing myself any more lamps though, I have too many.  I need a bookshelf to put them on.

And on the way home? I bought a bottle of water and offered my Mom a sip …

Mom : No thanks I bought this!

She pulled out a box of coconut water  and took a sip

15 minutes later …

Mom: It says it’s supposed to be  refreshing, it feels like I have feathers in my mouth.  It tastes like SHIT.  You want to try it?


A glimpse of my neighborhood

when i lived in New Orleans I would take a walk every day and take a pic – mostly of my neighborhood and the French Quarter … so far since I moved you’ve seen a lot of trees, so here is a more detailed look of my ‘hood. 





Next to my Landlord, my closest neighbors are fishing camps 



one of the many trails…



volunteers tend the wildflowers and while there are no guns allowed in the park, they do carry machetes and will cut off you hands. 



The ranger/registration station and pepsi machine. 



Here’s the river, and one of the three boat ramps in my hood … 

It’s different than New Orleans, but as beautiful in a different way. 

30 Days of Creativity – The Grand Finale

Let’s take a little cross stitch tour of the month.


Two, count ‘em, TWO finishes!


Would you believe that this is probably going to be the easiest to finish, sadly, I have to finish something else first — then this maybe.


the robes of piety is coming along nicely.


so the problem with this one, is that I “sing” the Star Trek  theme every few minutes. I find it amusing, Dash not so much

the finale 061

So if you are a Supernatural fan, you might recognize Dean, he’s the one with the gun, and while he has killed many a vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, wendigo and demon – he has never killed a dog. He don’t roll that way.

the finale 067





as I said she was fired because of the Playboy thing because she wasn’t presenting the right kind of role model for young girls like myself who loved the show.  Little did they know little girls like myself were watching for the Shaun of it.  Shows what network officials know, if she wasn’t AWESOME, why would I be cross stitching her  now?  And seriously, you couldn’t do a little research, it’s like you guys don’t even know me … 

the finale 071

And there we have it … a months work – with 7 minutes to spare.