I’m beginning to get a reputation

So it was a rather interesting week here in the Arkansas wilderness. My Dad had a stent put in his heart, which apparently sounds much worse than it actually is.  He went in for surgery at 9:30a and he was in recovery by 10:45a.  That was on Wednesday and he will be home today – so  this week included multiple trips to the hospital.

Also my mother wanted something from QVC, which is another adventure.  I’m not sure if you know this, but the NSA is VERY interested in my mother’s choice in hair care products, and she doesn’t want the secret to her reddish blond tresses to get out. So when she  gets low on a certain conditioner I have to go online and order it for her. Everything  traces back to me and everyone knows my hair isn’t worthy of any state secrets.  Also, she bought me a shirt and wanted to know wanted to make sure it fit because she wanted to take it back.

And how does this all tie together?  I was on my way to the hospital to see my Dad, I was wearing my new shirt, and when I stopped at the post office,  I picked up the package from QVC.  I decided to stop off at my parents house to give  let my Mom see my shirt, and give her the top secret conditioner.  Only she wasn’t there.  She was at an ACES Estate sale and told me to drop by on my way into the hospital.  ( I guess I should clarify that my Mom was going to see my Dad later in the afternoon, after the estate sales she wanted to go to. You  can take that as statement about the seriousness of the surgery, or my Mom’s love of a really good deal. Either way, it’s probably true.)

I stop by the estate sale. She sees my shirt and approves. She takes possession of the super secret conditioner, and she shows me all the dolls that were at the sale. Although I was the one that had to point out that there was a china JFK Doll for only $14 and if I was into JFK I would have gotten it.  we looked around and off course there were a few hideous lamps, and you know how I love me a hideous lamp. Remember this one?


However, I have enough lamps, and I have put a kibosh on anymore lamp purchases.  I was walking out  on my way to the car, and I was going to go on to the hospital.  But I saw this  and it could not be denied.


I had to have it.  At $7 I could afford it.  It was mine.  I was at the register when my Mom came out of the house with her own purchase and I heard her scream one of those soap opera screams that indicate unavoidable peril  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Too Late

The best part?

Ace Estate Sales Lady Employee 1 : Didn’t you buy the orange lamp we had a few weeks ago

Me: Indeed

Ace Estate Sales Man Employee 2 : So… Are you opening a bordello?

Me: Maybe I have already.

Ace Estate Sales man Employee 2 : Can you give me the directions?

Ace Estate Sales Lady Employee 3,  handing  $2 to Employee 1 : I bet her no one would buy that thing.

Now if i could find a blue one…

Another Poe-st

It is done! 

The Poe cross stitch is done! 



Isn’t this sweet?  I know you will find this hard to believe, but  there’s not a lot of  of Poe cross stitch out there, and what there is usually utilize dark colors, and  I am down with that, as it should be – bit come on, this is cute as heck!  I love the whimsy of it. It’s certainly different from the other things  that are out there.  I’ve never stitched anything by Barbara Ana Designs  but I think I’ll another project might have to be in the works – and if I could figure the biscoru sewing, or have someone do it for me, that’s what you’d be getting for Christmas!  So if you are a stitchy little witchy, and like the offbeat  – check out Barbara Ana.

When two worlds collide

Most of you know that I am not the best editor in the world. I struggle with grammar. How I managed to pass third grade is a mystery for the ages. I have two many issues with punctuation to mention.  There is the then/than thing, the that/who problem – and the list goes on.  I am trying to work on that, but it is a slow process. Sometimes  I am a little more casual about it, and I shouldn’t be. I’m going to show you why I am going to learn to edit myself, at least be better about the things I’m doing.

Every year, I get this


I love Halloween. I love cross stitch.  A magazine of Halloween cross stitch  right before my birthday is just too awesome. Thank you Just Cross Stitch Magazine.  Yes, there are some cutey cute kittens and pumpkins, but there are a few things in there that I love. 


 I know a little witch who would love this in her kitchen.


 I was especially pleased to see that my favorite designer had a chart in the magazine. I am always delighted by the designs Paulette at Plum Street Samplers . I know I’ve said it before, but I love the way she takes new idea and mixes them up with something traditional .

hallow 006

Look!  There is something for Poe corner! It’s a little “bigger” than what I would normally do for Poe corner but … wait … what is that?


 Edgar ALLEN Poe? NO! If you want to win the hearts of Poe freaks, spell his name right. Edgar ALLAN Poe.

And speaking of Poe … here is the latest on mine!


Hungry Like The Wolf

I’m working on a story about a werewolf, not a wolfman, a WEREWOLF.  It’s not that I don’t like wolfmen, I do – wolfmen are awesome.  I love Lawrence Talbot he’s soulful, he struggles with his curse, and is bludgeoned to death by his father with is own silver capped walking stick.  This all happens in the orginal movie The Wolfman, not Abbot and Costello Meet The Wolfman – because what a downer that would be.  But please notice that  WOLFMAN.  

Anyway back to my story – I know where I want to go with it, but the words aren’t coming.  I got jammed up on a clock, a freaking clock! 

Luckily, I have good friends who seem to know when I need the push.  I got this  in the mail from Rob



Look at the WEREWOLF  origami, and while he is standing on two legs and has been named Talbot, he is a WEREWOLF not a WOLFMAN. 

And Rob, you got me past the clock!