NaBloPoMo shamma lamma ding dong


I don’t know Marge, and that’s the problem.  So today I decided I really need to get to work on Phone Kitten II, so I pulled up the file and realized that all my freaking tabs were wrong, wrong, WRONG.  I cleaned up the first two chapters and did the tab-tab-tab thing, and as soon as I tell you my woe, I’m going to do some proof reading and some rewriting.  Not in a big way, but there is an about that should be an above, and I think that needs changing, and that’s just page one.

So here is my problem, I love Emily. I love her lots.  and I am afraid now that I am working on her again she’ll be different.  That somehow I won’t get her “right”  although, to be fair, she has grown a little and she’s not going to be the same, but her essential Emily-ness, that is what I am afraid of losing.  Of course if I don’t do anything it is completely lost.  There really isn’t anything else to do but forage ahead.

Oh and so you know,  Dawn has inspired me to do this


And since Iowa Lisa is going to be here for a week, expect that she’s going to be making some  guest appearances story wise.

The Real McCoy

There are a lot of McCoys

This is the original …


 I have a certain fondness for him,  but honestly I prefer this  McCoy…



well the because is kinda obvious.

However, there’s a new McCoy in town, and I kinda dig him.


Is it just me, or should Spock and Bones be holding hands?

Trek yourself

When I go to Sunday dinner with my parents, I always bring my cross stitch. I stay out of the kitchen when Mom is cooking,  but that doesn’t mean she stays out of my stitching.    She always has to take a look, which is fun if I am stitching something obscene.  However this time I was working on something for a friend who loves Star Trek.


Mom: Who is that supposed to be?

Me: It’s Dr Spock.

Mom: That’s not Spock.

Me: It is too.

Mom: Spock’s ears were a lot bigger than that. His ears were huge.

Me: I don’t think he had huge ears, I think they were proportionate. They were just pointed.

Mom: Pointed and Huge. That’s a lame Spock, if it’s Spock at all. Maybe it’s McCoy.

First, it is Spock, I am working on McCoy now.  Second, it took me how many years to discover my Mother was a Trekkie?

PS. Becky has pointed out that it’s MR. Spock and that Dr. Spock is the pediatrician that changed how a generation was raised. Which makes  this an even more interesting conversation.  Is my mother a fan of revolutionary childcare?   Just to check, I googled Dr. Spock, his ears are kinda big, but I think that’s because he has old man ears.  It changes the meaning of  the whole conversation.

It’s not mean if it’s true ….

There was a contest at work for the month of August, and you know me I love a contest.  It’s not that I love winning, it’s that I love other people losing. I know that’s not one of my more admirable qualities, but it’s true.  Even as a kid, if I was playing a board game with my cousins,  and I had a choice of moving 6 spaces and winning, or moving 6 spaces and sending them back home, or to the beginning — home they would go.  One of the best things about people losing is that I come up winning. And I haven’t lost a contest at work for 6 years, till this one.  I got smashed by 20 points. I came in second.  Yeah, it was a bitter pill to swallow, but the $50 prize helped me get over it.

I wanted to show you how I spent part of my $50.  Look a box from Amazon!


It’s after September, it might be time to change the dragonflies.


As anyone who reads this blog knows, if there is one problem I have as a writer it’s grammar. Multiple books! I wonder …



Someone is going  to have homework   to do.