I’m giving it all she’s got!

When Lisa was here  (check her link  her pics are better than mine ) I did some cross stitch, and we watched Star Trek Into Darkness.

Not a fan.  It seems to me,  and this is just me, that the new movies have none of the fun or sense of adventure of the older movies.  With the exception of Bones, I don’t really like the characters as much and let’s be honest, I like Bones because Karl Urban is 3 different kinds of hot.  I couldn’t care less what happens to this version of Kirk, Spock, and the gang.  It seemed that any sort of interaction that the characters had was not to  propel the story, but to fill in the time waiting for the next big explosion, and hey there, you blonde girl, strip down to your undies for no apparent reason. Say what you want about Shatner,  but there’s never been a doubt in my mind that he didn’t love Captain  Kirk.

My favorite character in the original series was this guy …


He loved the Enterprise, he loved his crew, and he loved belly dancers, which is what got him in trouble that one time he was accused of being  a space version of Jack the Ripper.Image

Jack The Ripper energy glob is not included in this project.


So on the way to turkey dinner at Mom’s house, we made a couple of stops to some abandoned motels , because why not?  Here is one that is perhaps not as abandoned as I thought.


Why is that car there? I had never seen it parked there before.


They haven’t used the pool in forever.



No one has been in the dining room for a long time.


And while I was taking this picture a phone inside started ringing.  Now there is a beat up sign outside for a fishing guide company,  but it’s seen better days too.  So maybe not so abandoned.

Then we went to  ….


The Bates Motel





Now if the Bates Motel wasn’t on the main street through town and it wasn’t daylight, I might or might not steal a few of these, scrape the pant and rust off, clean them up and paint them in bright colors.


And the rooms were all unlocked.  If the Bates Motel weren’t on the main street, I would  check out each and every drawer looking for treasure.  If there is a bible in a drawer somewhere it might help with this looting thing I have going on. PUT THE PILLOW DOWN LISA!!!


“Get in the car! Opa is deep frying turkey!!!”

So off to my parents we go, where Oma did indeed say “You are going to get arrested!” And she is probably right, considering Officer Dave and Deputy Dave  have nothing to do but drive up and down one road looking for mischief makers and if they couldn’t find Mike and Mike ( don’t ask me who they are, apparently two guys that Lisa met on the way here, because  she was talking about them all the time.)  they might settle for us.

another one?

Lisa wanted to see the big Jesus so we did take a drive up to where the passion play is performed.  But I did want to see the section of the Berlin Wall that they have there



Now I hate to be a cynic, but as I’ve seen the Berlin Wall, and while I am sure that is indeed part of the original, I’m going to say that the good folks who own it, probably painted over whatever original art work that was there.

And now, on to the cemetery, because you know we went!




As always we found quite a few graves of Confederate soldiers.  Then there was this…

hotel 124


Wha? Now I have seen markers for Union soldiers before, I’ve been to Northern cemeteries, however it’s been awhile, and I’ve never seen one in the south.  I had to check with Lisa to see if I was correct. I forgot my history! We’re close to Missouri border, and Missouri was a border state and as such, along with Virginia and Tennessee saw more distinct skirmishes and battles, the state was torn, so there should be Union soldiers represented.  There was more than one in the cemetery, and it made me a little sad that they were not as cared for as the CSA  graves are.

hotel 089


One of the reasons I like cemeteries  is that they are a great resource for names, don’t be surprised if a Chrisley shows up in something I write.

hotel 090


I also like the name Minnie May, and maybe that’s a way for letting people live on in a different way.

hotel 095


hotel 128


The grave in the middle is for someone who served in the Spanish American War, the other two are illegible.  I like that people remember them.

hotel 145


hotel 102hotel 111 hotel 114


hotel 147


hotel 150


Lisa took the last two pics for me because my foot was hurting so bad, and as always they are the best pictures in the bunch.

This is the cemetery in Harrison, which was on the way home.  It’s not an “oldie” which is what we like.  But still with the fall colors and the quiet nature of the place, it was still beautiful.

hotel 162

and now onward to Eureka Springs!

Once we got to the hotel we decided to explore Eureka Springs.  Downtown was first on the list.


This handsome gentleman was the first one to greet us when we stepped off the trolley.


Most of the shops in the historic downtown area are run by local artists.


I couldn’t resist.



I thought Becky needed this sign, for the days she forgets her roots.  I KID!!!!!


I love bathroom art.



Hey, when did the flat iron building move to Arkansas?


So far, we’re all having a great fall.


Since my parents were watching Dash, and my Dad loves fudge, AND Lisa and I were the ones doing the exploring, this seemed liked the perfect place to  get them a thank you gift.  Of course, when we got in, there weren’t two dumb dames in the shop.  There were two young dudes, and when I asked about it one of them said it was because the two dumb dames weren’t that dumb. The other clerk told us the original two dumb dames were his grandmother and great grandmother, and the name came from his grandfather who used to say “Can you believe these two dumb dames want to start a business?”


Meet Max, our new friend.


This is Thorncrown Chapel. My pictures don’t do it justice



Oh look, a snake in my path as I leave the chapel, is that a sign? Should I be worried?






Nice caboose! Oh, come on, I had to say it.


More evidence that I really need to work on my grammar, the first thing I noticed was that response was misspelled.

And my little take away from Eureka Springs?


A bracelet, love the key and the heart, a reminder of New Orleans and a frog prince because Lisa always finds me the best frogs.

Crescent Hotel!

I’ve been crowing on this blog about how Lisa and I were going to be staying at the Crescent Hotel, the most haunted hotel in America  with Lisa – and we did!  We got our first glimpse of the hotel on the way into town.


How pretty is that?

Want to take a peek inside?

eureka 012


eureka 013


One of the things that we learned on our tour was that during the off season the hotel doubled as a women’s college.

eureka 016


If you look on the wall, you’ll see a picture of Morris the cat, not the famous one – although he seemed to be famous at the hotel. He lived at the hotel for 21 years, and was referred to as the general manager. Morris is one of the spirits that haunts the hotel.

eureka 019


Grand and toasty cozy all at the same time.  The plaque reads:

Although upon a summer day

You’ll lightly turn from me away

When autumn leaves are scattered wide

You’ll often linger by my side

But when the snow the earth doth cover

Then you will be my ardent lover. 

eureka 027


eureka 028


This is where Lisa and I had a gritless breakfast. Seriously, GRITLESS. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but we were promised grits.  However, I did enjoy my Rice Krispies. Although, this used to be in the hotel ballroom.  I bet it was grand in it’s day.

eureka 036

Check out the front  desk!

eureka 035


This is Jasper. Notice he is giving me the eye.

eureka 018


Let’s take a peek outside.

eureka 032


eureka 010


hotel 064


hotel 074


Morris’s resting place.

hotel 071


It was a great place to stay, and while it is GORGEOUS today, I imagine that it was really something in it’s heyday.  Being in a beautiful place like this always makes me feel a little more creative. I don’t know if it’s that I’m away from home, if I’m in a beautiful location, or just the energy, but I scribbled down a lot of notes.

And now the ghost tour, which was really fun. We learned quite a bit about the history of the hotel, especially about the time it was used as a cancer hospital by Norman Baker, which was pretty horrible.  For me there were three highlights of the tour, when we learned that  Monumental Mysteries, hosted by my beloved Don Wildman filmed an episode there. That’s right, Don Wildman my reality tv boyfriend, stayed in the same hotel!  Highlight number two, watching Lisa trying to get the guide to use the EMF meter on EVERY wooden post going down the stairs and not just on the ones he seemed to know would set it off. By the way, EMF meters were for sale in the lobby for $28.   And this is the third, you can see a face in the picture I took of Norman Baker.


hotel 033


I was very excited until Lisa told me it was the reflection of another camera flash.  Proving that while you can take the night nurse out of the hospital, you can’t take the night nurse out of the girl.

Be on the lookout for this segment on Monumental Mysteries  on Thursday at 8am …set the DVR!

Oh and here is my Don as a Halloween treat.




Meet the Sneeds

Anyone who knows Lisa and I know we love to explore ooky cemeteries. If we find one, we have to see it. Sometimes we travel to see them. Once we tripped across the  Locust Grove State Historical Site, which basically is a family cemetery and has the grave of  Sarah Knox Taylor Davis, the first wife of  Jefferson Davis.  What can I say, we’re lucky that way. 

The trip to we made to the War Eagle  Craft Fair proved to be pretty lucky to, on the way there eagle eye Lisa spotted a graveyard right on the side of the road.  We took note, and decided to stop on the way back.  The thing is, it was blink and you’ll miss it, and on a mountain road, there’s no advance notice.  It really is a testament to my Mom who slammed on the breaks when I screamed “THERE IT IS! ”  ( Really how cool is it that my mom stopped on a two lane mountain road so we could take pictures.) 


This time we were checking in on the Sneeds. 







Two semi trucks rumbled by and almost blew mom and her jeep off the road, so we had to return, still cool points and an unexpected opportunity … 

More coming up! 


The Bully Boys


See, Dash?  That is what Opa does to mean old turkeys that pick on his granddog!

Yesterday, we had a little feast in honor of Lisa’s visit.  Fried turkey, SCALLOPED CORN, which looks a lot like corn casserole, but can’t be, because my Dad does not make casserole, fresh baked bread, and salad.

Everyone here fell in love with Lisa, my Mom was charming and adorable, my Dad was chattier than I have ever seen him and told her all his dog stories, and even broke out pictures of all his favorite beasts. This afternoon Dash has been wandering back to the office, now referred to as Lisa’s room,  to see where she is.

Arkansas misses you, Lisa!

Yes yes!  I forgot the lemon cake … which is easy and delish!