Mission Accomplished!

Star Date 9561.6. Captain’s Log  USS Little bordello in the big woods.  Captain Marika Christian commanding.  I’ve concluded my first assignment as master of this vessel.  I’m pleased to report that my needle, floss and scissors have functioned well.


Let’s talk Sulu.  Like Uhura and Chekov, Sulu didn’t get a lot of play on the Enterprise. He did some stuff with thrusters and shields, and he sat around a lot, which was a big waste, because when Sulu sprang into action, we got this:


And that’s pretty groovy. One of the best episodes ever. While Scotty is my favorite character, Sulu comes in a close second, because in his heart he is a swashbuckler, and who doesn’t love that?

George Takei is a swashbuckler too I suspect.  As a child he and his family were forced to live in horse stables in Santa Anita Park,  a race track in  California, before they were sent to a Japanese Interment camp  in Rohwer, Arkansas.  He took a small role as helmsman on the Enterprise and used it as a stepping stone to great work as a human rights activist and a spokesman for Japanese American relations. He and his partner of 18 years, Brad Altman, were the first gay couple to apply for a marriage license in West Hollywood.  He’s been called the funniest man on facebook and twitter.  He is one of the founders of the Japanese American National Museum. He uses his sense of humor and wit to bring attention to issues  and actions that might go unrecognized.

Here is my Sulu


And here is the whole gang


One of the things that I really liked about  doing this project is that I learned a lot about Star Trek, and more importantly the people who wore the uniform. All of them went on to other acting gigs, but this is the one that they are always going to be remembered for, and they’ve embraced it. I don’t think that’s always such an easy thing to do. In  fact they didn’t just embrace it; they wear those roles like a badge of honor. Star Trek changed things, and it changed people’s lives, and yeah those conventions seem a little goofy at first, but when you get a peek inside,  there’s a whole lot of good  going  on.

Anyway, I loved this project, and if you love Star Trek – of any generation,  you should check out one of my favorite design shops  PixelPower. If you are part of a fandom, or love someone who is, chances are they have a pattern there that’s perfect for your crafting.  Bands, movies, tv shows, famous people:  they have it all. And if they don’t, email Sergei and tell him what you need. He’s done plenty of custom designs for me, and they’ve all been wonderful and  so so affordable. So please, check them out; I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks for the awesome chart guys!

The Captain of my heart

As I’ve spelled out in my previous entries about this project, when it comes to Star Trek, I’m a dabbler.  I’ve seen all the original episodes.  Next Generation, I’ve seen a few. I don’t like the Borg, but I love the Romulans (of course), so those are the episodes I focused on there. I have watched a few episodes of Deep Space Nine, and I mean to go back, but just haven’t yet.  Star Trek Voyager, never saw, same thing with Star Trek Enterprise. But I do know all the Captains:  Kirk,  Picard, Cisco, Janeway, and Archer.

While I’ve been cross stitching, I’ve been watching different episodes of Star Trek, shows about Trekkies or Trekkers ( I have yet to determine which is the  correct term). Tonight, while I was  working  on James ( when you are stitching a man’s face, you get to be on a first name basis with him ),  I watched a movie titled The Captains where Captain Kirk interviews all the others.


…and he is awesome.  I love Captain Kirk. I love William Shatner.  Next to Nathan Fillion, he is the greatest gift Canada has ever given the US.  I know he perhaps has not always behaved in the best way toward Star Trek fans or his costars, but I think that’s changed.  I think the best thing about the documentary is that he and the other Captains open up about how amazing, scary, fun and totally frightening it is to take on that role, and William Shatner is the one who made it that way.



It seems someone is missing ….

I get to chekov something on my list!

Oh, it’s not that bad of a joke!


Look at that face! He looks like he could be the lead singer from some faux rock band made for a tv series. Which was the point. Ensign Pavel Chekov did not show up until season two of Star Trek, which explains all those times I watched an episode and said “Where the hell is Chekov?” Gene Rodenberry wanted to add someone to the crew that would appeal to the youngsters in the audience.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not the biggest Chekov fan.  Why we need Chekov when we have a perfectly good Sulu that was under utilized? The only episode I really remember him in is when the real Captain, Scotty, and Uhura beamed aboard the Evil Enterprise and Bizzaro Chekov tried to kill Kirk.

Here’s a little limerick I wrote in his honor

there was a young man named pavel
 before him girls would grovel.
He looked like a monkee
acted kinda punky
his adventures could fill a novel!
Here’s my little Chekov

The final clip and dip

Today Dash went to the groomer to get his nails done and a nice bath, turns out it was his last.  When I came in to pick him up the groomer told me that she wasn’t going to be able to do him anymore.  My first thought, and shame on me, was that maybe he had bitten her. Not the case. She said she feels that he gets too stressed out about it.  He can’t see so well so everything that is going on is scary for him. She assured me that this happens with every dog she grooms, that there is a time where it is too much on them.

I know that Dash and I have worked out a system, he can’t hear so good and he can’t see so good, but it doesn’t seem to matter when we are together or with his other people.


Look he still plays with Lambchop!   He loves running through leaves and he never ever falters on our walks. I look at him and he’s still a puppy.  Living with a senior is hard on the heart.

Uhura, I’m glad you’re on OUR side.

As  most of you know, I’m making the Star Trek cross stitch for a friend. While I have seen every episode, and even have a few favorites,  I don’t know a whole lot about the series, and honestly, while I knew it was groundbreaking on many levels, I didn’t really get how  important it was for its time.


Which brings us to Uhura.  Do you remember the green earrings?  I didn’t, but there they are.  Now, I knew Nichelle Nichols was one of the first African American women who was portrayed as an equal on television.  Her part wasn’t big.  I  heard that Shatner would argue with the director  that her lines were irrelevant, making her role even smaller, still it was important.  So important that when she was considering  leaving the show after a year  to pursue work on Broadway, Martin Luther King Jr encouraged her to stay by telling her the work she was doing was important. She was a role model to African Americans and young women across the country, and children were seeing African Americans being represented as equals for the very first time.

After Star Trek she worked with NASA to recruit minorities and women into the space program, one of the first recruits was Dr Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, as well as  Dr Guion Bluford, the first  African American in space. 

Uhura wasn’t the largest role, and maybe her lines were ‘irrelevant’  but she wasn’t. To me, she seems to be the most influential character and offered inspiration to a lot of people who went on to achieve their dreams whether it be as an explorer, a scientist, or an actress.  Uhura and of course Nichols was a force to be reckoned with.

Which is why I think I have a problem with the new Star Trek Series. The  TV Star Treks have always featured strong, confident women.  And while Zoe Saldana is gorgeous and can certainly kick some butt, she doesn’t get to do it often enough – it seems like she spends a lot of time worrying about her boyfriend.  I wish the writers would let Uhura be the Uhura she was meant to be.

fall 001

And just to clear things up, the dudes do have mouths as well, it’s just the color is very close to the face color and you can’t see it, darn it!

Vulture Culture

I learned an interesting factoid while Lisa was visiting. Her daughter is also a fan of the Fletcher, just like me. In fact, she sounds like a bigger Jessica Fletcher fan than I am, and since she sent her mother to Arkansas on her birthday, it seemed appropriate that I send something back. Only we Murder, She Wrote fans aren’t so quick to part with our gear. Go ahead, try and find something, not so easy. In the end I sent Lisa home with my Jessica Fletcher mug on to the next generation.  So now the problem is, I need a special mug.  So I went to the internet, do i get something Nancy Drew-ish, Scooby Doo-ish?

And in steps Mom.

She knows I love vultures. Mainly because I scream, “Mom! Look at the vultures!” when we are in the car together.

She got me this


She said, “I saw him and thought of you!”

How sweet is that?

In other news,  it’s happened, fall is officially here, check out the pics I took on my walk this afternoon.


Dash is very excited about the whole leaf thing.


On tonight’s schedule, a whole lot of TCM recorded shows ( how did I live without a DVR?). The Mummy, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, The Mummy, The Pit And The Pendulum, The Devil’s Bride, The Gorgon, The Wasp Woman, Shadow of The Vampire and Creature of the Black Lagoon, now where do I start!

Happy Halloween!