my Linen-grad

And this is the a little something I’m making for myself!


You know my Mom feels that culturally I’m more German than American. I look at her and go BWAH HA HA !!!! Because, no.  BUT it did occur me that I have nothing reflecting  those Teutonic roots, so here ya go! This is it!  Oh you scoff, but trust me, that little tuft of green that you can hardly see, that’s it.

I said that I was going to be trying new things this year, and this is one of them, I’m stitching on linen. LINEN. It’s kind of a big deal.  Of course, I’m scared to death “am I doing this right?” screams through my head. Followed by “do I have enough fabric?”  Still it’s fun to do something new,  unless of course, I don’t have enough fabric, if that’s the case … well such a rant you will read!

In other news, today I finished my Christmas thank you notes, and Dash and I are going to settle in and  watch hunky Don Wildman unveil monumental mysteries on the screen.  My Mom was thrilled to hear that Don Wildman was my tv boyfriend, because he’s totally age appropriate.

Putting the X in Xmas

You and your dirty mind!  I wish my life was that interesting.  

I’m talking about cross stitch .,, I have a few  projects in the works, I know, when I don’t I?  I have forgone the BIG PROJECTS as I get totally into it, and then overwhelmed, but I still want some challenges, so  in tghe next few days I am going to show you what I’m doing. 



Actually, this really shouldn’t take me too long to finish. It’s a gift for someone, birthday maybe Christmas, although I am shooting for birtthday. Although, I am covetting a little bit – but I can make another if I like how it turns out 


I like the jeweled tones and everyone needs a splash of pink, don’t you think? 

I’m also participating in a stitch a long! Stitching Lotus is hosting a small SAL, and I think I can handle it. You know just the possibility of a prize can motivate me!  It’s the first time I have done something like this so you know, wish me luck.  By the way Stitching Lotus is a far more accomplished stitcher than I.  She actually has finished Mirabilia projects, while I have the charts and my dreams. If you like crafty girls, check her out. 

All About Christmas Eve

We always used to “do” Christmas in the mornings when I was kid.  Since I’ve moved back home, my Mom has rescheduled Christmas festivities for Christmas Eve.  We all decided to scale back this year and Mom didn’t decorate like she usually does.


You can’t tell from this picture but all the Christmas ornaments on the tree were made by my Mom from pieces of  crystals from chandeliers that she found in estate sales etc … It’s so pretty.


I love that polar bear box! It’s has  a tin ofJager Sosse, Hackbraten and Garten Krauter which sent my Mom over the moon.  I’m sure the Jager Sosse and the Garten Krauter will make an appearance at Christmas dinner.



This nativity is handcarved from Austria, every year I think about emailing the woman who is married to the carver to get an animal for the set, because  for being a manger there are NO ANIMALS.  but it’s a little pricey, and I back out each year, but who knows this might be the year.


My favorite elves in the house!

Speaking of  elves, there were a couple in the kitchen!  On Christmas Eve, we do snacks. a veggie plate, a cheese plate with some ham, crackers, apple bread, and pizza cut into squares.


So you know, Oma is a soft touch.


Dash got a cute little teddy bear  and a blanket that he loved so much that he would not let anyone come near them. In fact, he wasn’t interested in any of his other presents, and they are going to be opened tomorrow. He was in a world of his own, until Opa started opening presents. He attacked Opa’s books,  the wrapping paper, everything. If Opa had it, Dash wanted it — NOW!

And here are a few things that were under the tree for me.


Miss Mary Mack! I loved stitching this.  I think I liked the Edward Goreyness of the design.. My Mama framed it. Check out La D Da designs. They have a few things I like and might stitch in the future.


OH. MY. GOD. How cute is this guy!


And true to my PWT roots, after the presents were open, we partook in the annual scratching of the lottery tickets. As always I won nothing.

There was some wine,a game of rummy, as well as interesting conversation. Oh the things you learn when Mommy sips sangria and plays cards.

And that’s how we “did” Christmas. Tomorrow is dinner and a nice day with family.  I hope you surrounded by friends and family and all those you hold dear. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


An update on the little bordello in the big woods…

… you know, I need to own that name, but I fear that the web traffic it would attract would be disappointed to discover it’s just little ol’ me blogging about my dog, my writing, and my crafty ways.

It occurred to me that I didn’t show you a  few of the things I acquired at an estate sale.


What every girl of Teutonic heritage needs. A kitchen witch. Actually two, because I need all the luck I can get.  I had a kitchen witch that hung from my kitchen window, however I passed it on to a friend that was having a hard time conceiving.  Not only are they supposed to bring good fortune, they are also talisman for fertility. No need for me to have that hanging around the house.  Now, I don’t know if just having it in the house is supposed to do the trick,  or if you have to do the deed under the witch, and I never asked, but my friend has two boys now.  She asked me if she could loan it to a friend who also wanted a munchkin, and again since I was not in need of one, I told her to pass it on. Now I wonder how many couples did the little kitchen witch I sent out in the universe help?

And prepare yourselves, I think most of you know that there is a certain amount of tacky that goes into being part of the little bordello in the big woods, but you might not be ready for this.


I know!



And yet I love it.  It’s hanging right next to the breakfast bar. Becky, I know you really love little plastic animals, had the deer not been porcelain this would have been your Christmas gift.  Lucky for you it started to grow on me, just like mold.

Wrapping with a ripper

The more i get to  know my Mom the more I realize I am my father’s child.

Yesterday my Mom went out and did some Santa-ing, and delivered gifts to a few friends. My Mom made an assortment of breads and yummies, and I not being a cook, bought an assortment of designer chocolates, Christmas ornaments, and when appropriate doggie treats ( Thank you TJ MAXX! Seriously, if your in need of stocking stuffers, chirstmas cards etc … that is the place to go. I am going after Christmas too. )   While we were visiting my Kathe, miy mother’s – and now my German friend, I learned that my Dad wrote a ahort story and had it published in a magazine. WHAT?!  My mother looked at me and said “Where do you think your talent comes from, it didn’t come from me.”

Another thing I didn’t get from my Mom? Her wrapping ability. Should you ever receive a gift from my Mom, you might actually feel bad about opening it, the presentation is that good.  Of course, I don’t beause I’m used to it.  My Mom looks for wrapping surprises all year long at garage and estate sales. This year I happen to know that my Dad is getting a gift with two duck calls as part of the wrapping.

wrap 004

As you can see, I have barely mastered the tape dispenser.  I think that is because I’m a “ripper”. I try to be more civilized now, but when I was young I would be in a frenzy and didn’t notice  that there even was paper.  I think those of us that have a ripper’s heart, never  really master the art of wrapping.  I put lottery tickets inside the gift to make up for it.

Photo Friday – Comtemplative

fishing 012

 This is the park that I go to for our walk during the week.  We’ve upped it to 2 miles, and I like to do a mile of it on my own. There’s a little picnic table next to the play area. I like to spend a little time there, just writing down things I have been thinking about – there are about to be some major changes in Closet Kitten. I have a character that’s kinda assy, but I love him and while I was walking  I got the idea of how to make him reoccurring.  I’d love to make my Ems into a series.  She’s got heart, she’s a sweetie – the only person stopping Emily is me! So this is the place that I did all that.  If you want to see  more Comtemplative, check out Photo Friday

my top 10 …

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is that after feasting it is socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music.  I know some of you think that is way too early, but if I had my way, we’d listen to it all year round, because I love it.  Oh go ahead, roll your eyes, but most Christmas songs are about love, kindness, and fun – and why shouldn’t we have that in all seasons? So when I’m boss of the world. you’ll be hearing these songs sporatically throughout the year, not in constant rotation, but occasionally to keep your spirits up.  Are you ready for my top 10 Christmas Song List?

1. Snoopy’s Christmas I love the Royal Guardsmen version the best, but honestly, anyone will do. Why do I love it? It is all about me!  It mixes both sides of my family. American and German, Snoopy WWI Flying Ace is hands down, my favorite Snoopy. The Red Baron,  who wen’t on to make some of the best pizza to come out the Fatherland, forces Snoopy to fly to the Rhine, exactly where my German family is from.  See, all about me.

2. Christmas is going to the dogs The Eels. I like singing this with Dash, obviously.

3. Heat Miser – Big VooDoo Daddy. First anything that  Big VooDoo Daddy does is awesome. and Heat Miser, who has always reminded me of a chunky Sting from the movie Dune, and Snow Miser are also awesome.

4 Mr Grinch.  Looking at this list, did you think that Mr Grinch wasn’t going to make the cut?  Plus Tony the Tiger sings it.

5. Silent Night - A rare religiousy choice. I picked the Mannheim Steamroller version, because I think it is the prettiest. When I was young we went to Oberndorf Austria, where Silent Night written. It is probably one of the most beautiful places I ever been too.  It’s a town nestled in the Alps, and you can believe that fairy tales really happened there, with the good endings – not the creepy ones. It’s the first time I understood how enviroment can influence art. Such a beautiful place would inspire such a beautiful song.  Checkout the chapel Webcam

6. The Christmas Song – the Raveonettes  Actually I like all of the Christmas songs that the Raveonettes, but this is my favorite. Check out Christmas Ghosts and Christmas in Cleveland too.  Dammit, after listening to Christmas Ghosts I wonder if it’s my favorite.

7. Jingle Bell Rock – Billy Idol.  Okay, I admit it, when I watch this I smile and giggle like a teen, Heaven help me, I still love him.  when his Christmas CD came out, I got 6 copies in the mail.

8. I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus  Some people say that Daddy was dressed as Santa Claus, I call bullsh*t on that, Mommy is a big old ‘ho trickin’ for pressies. I like this one for the debate.

9. All alone at Christmas – Darlene Love and the E Street Band. This is on your list too, it has to be.

10.  Christmas, Baby please come home – U2  – although I like the Darlene Love version too.

Notice Blue Christmas is not on the list, that’s because I could not find Elvis singing it on youtube. I’m from Tennessee, so the Elvis version is the only one I recognize.

Getting this list to 10 was hard, and I left off songs I truly love, but if I would have listed all my favorites, well the list would go on and on …I would Christmas you out.

Fill me in on your Christmas tune!

as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

This post was originally going to be about traditions. Saint Nicolas Day is one of the best days of Christmas season, When I was little, on December 5th, I would put my boots out on the steps, and Saint Nicolas would come during the night and fill them with goodies. I always put boots out because there would be more to fill, and that is reason enough for the coal I received from Krampus, nevermind what else I did throughout the year. ( and by the way, check out that link on Krampus, the Christmas holiday is not as holly jolly as you think  )  Now, I am a little too old for that tradition, at least that’s what my Mother says, I certainly don’t feel that way  - but why argue?  Dash is NOT too old for Saint Nicolas Day, and even though he has no shoes. I know that Saint Nicolas had something. Krampus doesn’t come for Dash because he is a good good boy.

Then the snow came. Then the ice. Then I was housebound.  And the gift that St Nicolas sent was stuck in my po box. Day after day we sat here. Five whole days. And being trapped in the house for five whole days is not cool when you’re told you CAN’T do it. So today, against the warnings of Officer Dave and my mother I ventured out.

Going to the post office wasn’t bad, It was a little slick, but when I was white knuckling the steering wheel I kept thinking about how Dash needed his St Nick’s Day, and I made it!


Look at the goodies that were waiting for me.  And I made it in time to send out my Christmas cards to Germany, as well as the ones to the states!

So, I decided to venture further, I needed milk!  Off to the grocery store I went.


Then I decided a wintery pic of the river was exactly what this blog needed, and fortune always favors the bold. I went forth, and then I hesitated. There was absolutely no one at the park. And by no one I  mean NO ONE. No rangers. No campers. That’s ominous. But again, FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD!

I should have remembered that while I can be bold, fortune rarely favors me. I got all glitched up on the ice. I could go backwards, but not forward. I wasn’t stuck in anything it was just ice. Gross, gross ice.  Luckily, I had my phone, now obviously I did not call my Mom who calls me every day to make sure I am safe and have not left the house. I’d sleep in my car before I would do that.  But  I had my lanlord’s number and I called him.  In three minutes Max, or SuperMax as I have christened him was there and I was back on the road again.No need for anyone else to know! So what happens when I get home? My Mom calls to check that I have been housebound all day, and I confessed the whole story.

So here is your picture. I hope you like it.



And as for St Nicolas Day, Dash got his new sweatshirt, hopefully next week he’ll be able to wear it on his walk.



Obi-wan-Dashobi, you’re my only hope.