Photo Friday – Comtemplative

fishing 012

 This is the park that I go to for our walk during the week.  We’ve upped it to 2 miles, and I like to do a mile of it on my own. There’s a little picnic table next to the play area. I like to spend a little time there, just writing down things I have been thinking about – there are about to be some major changes in Closet Kitten. I have a character that’s kinda assy, but I love him and while I was walking  I got the idea of how to make him reoccurring.  I’d love to make my Ems into a series.  She’s got heart, she’s a sweetie – the only person stopping Emily is me! So this is the place that I did all that.  If you want to see  more Comtemplative, check out Photo Friday

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