How the day starts …

There used to be a time when I would wake up because I could feel someone’s big brown eyes staring at me …


Now it’s a paw to the face. My, how things have changed.

Once again, I’m going to tell you about my walk.  Here’s the thing, and I don’t think that people get this, or maybe it’s just me. But ever since I got insurance, I feel a little more invested in me. Weird, huh? You would think that when I didn’t have insurance  I would have been more invested.  I think having a doctor going over my goals, telling me what is best for me, what is doable, what is good for me helps. When I went on my follow up visit, the first thing he asked me was “Are you writing?”   And for a writer, I think that is the best indicator of health, and I am.

As I said I have made certain goals for myself, weight loss is certainly one of them, but I am taking it off slowly, hopefully permanently.  The real big one is exercise. You guys know I have been walking every day that I can, and that I’m up to 2.5 miles a day.  What I haven’t said, is that my Mom and I made a goal to walk 550 miles this year.

Sometimes I get there a little early, and Dash and I walk part of the path alone, he gets a little more sniff time. We stop at the top of the hill, and wait for Mom.  Sometimes I read and sometimes I write.


I’m loving this book, and there will be more on that later.  And there’s my bottle of water.  Notice I like the sports cap. My Mom shared this thought with me “You like that nipple because I didn’t breast feed you.”  Now I made it a point to make baby noises when I drink – only when she’s there though not in front of other people because that would be weird.

526.8 miles to go!

Nordic Noir

We’ve had enough of sitting in the house, so today Mom, Dash and I hit the walking trail again. I have a goal in mind, and we had to get our 2.5 miles in. 





Yeah, it’s cold.  Maybe not to my Northern friends, but to me 27 degrees is frightening. I wore a t shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, mittens, a scarf, and my ear muffs. My Mom was outfitted similarly, and Dash was wearing his Steve McQueen Sweater.  I used my cake batter flavored  Chap Stick to keep my lips from cracking, and we walked… walked … walked… 


Would you believe we were the only ones there? I know, it’s hard to wrap your head around that no one wants to go camping in this weather. Although, there were several spaces reserved for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says LOVE like taking that special lady in your life to a freezing cold campground, so you can go trout fishing in what has to be ice cold water. 

So we trudged on till we saw this …..




It was like we were in a Scandinavian Crime Novel.  Only we were in Arkansas, without universal healthcare, and no knowledge of the Swedish language.  Still…I like it! 

My Mom thinks that the pipes burst in the camper, because of course they would put police tape up for that. I like my theory. 


So since I got home, I have been thinking of my own Nordic Noir  thriller. Of course, since I don’t know Swedish, my Mom is going to have to help me with some of the linguistics of writing it in German, which can be a little Swedishy if you don’t analyse it too much. 


I am going to have to figure out the umlaut key. 


Come on,  except for the leash he screams Bullitt.


My day thus far …


Sure, it looks all powdery and fluffy, but trust me this is a headache.  We won’t be able to go anywhere for a few days, but that’s okay as we have plenty of supplies, and this does give me the chance to make lasagna soup tomorrow.   

The headache part is connected to a certain little Jack Russell Terrier who we all know and love. While he has a fondness for ice, he HATES  snow. For reals. HATES IT.  But there’s more,  you see we have been exercising more, I am up to walking 2.5 miles a day. I think Dash walks 5 because he runs way ahead, and then runs back, over and over and over. He loves these walks, and I have to say he’s a big reason as to why I’ve been diligent. Sure, it’s good for me  but  the truth is I go on days I don’t feel like it because he gets such joy from our walks. Every day I put the leash on him he flies out the door, he dances next to the screen door on the porch, ready to bolt  tothe car so we can go go go to the park. Today he bounds out the door, SNOW!!! He runs back inside. 

I know he has to conduct some business, so I take him out again, same thing, he is INSANE to get out the door.  SNOW!  And he looks at me, and he’s angry and I can almost hear him say “WOMAN! I told you to change the weather, this is not the outside I want!” 

And so it goes, over and over again…



Look at that sad face.