Day 82 – 100 Happy Days



Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella is what’s making me happy today, so I thought I would post a picture of one of my favorite twenties girl, Clara Bow, who wasn’t treated as good as she deserved to be by the powers there be in Hollywood. Wow, somethings never change, huh? 

But Twenties Girl is not about Clara Bow, it’s about a girl in her twenties  who is being haunted by the great aunt she never knew who lived in the twenties. Aunt Sadie needs Lara’s help to find her favorite necklace so she can rest in peace.  Sadie adds some sizzle to Lara’s life, and Lara shows Sadie that she wasn’t a nobody. 

As the reviewers said I laughed, I cried. This is the kind of book I truly enjoy, a book about someone becoming who they are meant to be. I loved, loved loved it. 

I’ve been to festivals where the merits between literary fiction and genre fiction. Blah…blah..blah.  So here’s my thought, because I know you want to know what I think. It’s all good.  God, Buddha, Harv, whatever you call your big guy in the sky, gives each writer a certain gift. Each writer conveys what they are meant to convey in a different way.  If your gift as a writer is to write something fluffy and fun that makes people smile and laugh, then that’s what you do. Making someone laugh, that’s magic.  

It was a great thing for me to read while I’m working on Emily II, because I want people to love Emily in the way I loved Lara and Sadie.  So big thanks to Sophie Kinsella for sharing her gift with me — and inspiring me to push a little more. 

Oh, by the way, Twenties Girl was my GHOST STORY. Next up, a writer I’ve only heard good things about, a writer I should love, but have never read. I’m kinda excited! 



Day 80 – 100 Happy Days

First, only 20 more, not that I don’t like doing this, it really has opened me up to being a little more positive and finding the happy, no matter how small it might be, you know appreciating everything that comes my way. But with writing, one of the things that makes me very happy, by the way, posting every day is tough.  Still I got on a roll yesterday, I wrote a 1000 words  and Emily laid down a little truth, something I believe but never could find wording for. Way to go, Emily!   But, that’s not what making me happy today.  What’s making me happy today is reading. 

You might remember the list I made to challenge myself to read different types of books. Number 12 was TRAVELOGUE. 

I picked A Walk In The Woods for several reasons. 

walk 004

The main was I really love that cover.  But I live in the woods and I do walk, so what the heck, right?  The first two chapters were HILARIOUS.  The thing is, while everything was handled with a sense of humor there were a lot of history about not just the Appalachian Trail, but also about the US Forest Service and the US Park Service – how things were supposed to be, how they are, and how things could change.  I’ve never been on the trail, but I’ve been to the Smokies,  and I live in the forest now, so I understand how there is something about the woods that speaks to something inside you. 

I knew that there was one person that would like it as much as I did, so it’s heading your way Iowa Lisa,  I’m Katz, for reasons you will understand. 

And remember I am looking for a friend recommended book to check off my list! 




Day 79 – 100 Happy Days

I’m still writing, which makes me very happy. However, I am pretty sure it’s crap. This card pretty much sums how I feel at this moment, but  I’m writing and  that is truly a good feeling.

scooby 006

I’m going to write it again,  I’m writing! And that is a good thing , but I am also worried  that maybe the Emily magic isn’t there, and god forbid the mystery might suck. I have a pink Emily notebook, well I have two of them, one for characters that is in need of updating by the way, and then another for ideas and things I know I need to change.  There are 15 things I KNOW  need to be changed.  I would crack open the book and show you, but then you would know all my secrets.

So you get a peek of where I am working now, in my bedroom next to the air conditioning, because it’s hot as crap outside.

scooby 013

I keep Scooby there to remind me that the Mystery is  Coming.

Day 78 – 100 Happy Days

treepark 023

Guess what? You’ve never seen that stump or those trees before. It’s been ungodly hot here, and our walks have gotten shorter. Dash and I went to a new park – the Lakeview City Park, and yes, I did giggle when I typed City. The recreation center where my Mom works out, is also there, the mayor’s office and the police office are in the same building, and that’s also where I vote.  

If you look closely, you will notice twinkle lights above the stump. They’re strung throughout the park like that, and I imagine they look pretty in the winter at  Christmas.  Or hey, they could turn them on at night, I’ve never been there at night, so who knows? 

treepark 002

What is very nice about this park is along the path there are little memorials  to people along the trail. 

treepark 009

When I was walking, I saw a teenage boy and girl walking together but not together, they were coming from the same direction, but seemed careful to not get to close to each other.  The girl, stopped and pet my little man.  He was very gentlemanly, but I still gave her the warning that he is a blind man for the most pat, and if he licks your fingers  it’s because he might think it’s snausage. We said goodbyes, and I watched as she caught up with the boy. They sat at the picnic table across from each other.  I saw them with my teenage heart.  I think deep inside we all still have one.  It’s been a long time since I was in love, even longer since I was a teenager, but I do remember the feeling of sitting across from the boy that makes your heart pound and wondering if you will ever  find the words that will convey everything you are feeling.  I didn’t, so I was hoping that she did.  And while this tree fascinated me….

treepark 010

I mean come on that’s a cool  lookin’ tree. 

treepark 011

I was really thinking of my Arkansas Romeo and Juliet. 

When I got closer to the table they were at instead of looking into each others eyes longingly, and holding hands. They were staring at their phones texting. Seriously, social media has ruined romance. 


treepark 026

As you can tell, Dashly had a wonderful time  – not a bad looking boy for 16!


Day 77 – 100 Happy Days

Okay, I have been writing a lot, which means my day consists of waking up taking Dash for a long walk and staring at the computer thinking “Now what?”  So I spend hours in front of the pc, I stop to take Dash out, to give him a little love, and to have meals, which have been preplanned.  Sammies and salad because there’s very little effort  involved and a tiny amount of clean up. Right now, it’s baloney ( yes, I know how it’s made, and no it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it.) and egg salad  sammie in rotation.  

I have a playlist that I listen to on my walks with Dash. The songs remind me of characters and it keeps them fresh in my mind, but when I write,  I listen to something a little different. No, not Heino.  I have The Pierces and The Secret Sisters in rotation, just like my  baloney and egg salad, only the Pierces and The Secret Sisters are a lot better.  Both duos are sisters, both are from Alabama, so I imagine they have a lot of the same influences, although I think that The Pierces are a bit more hippie folk, and The Secret Sisters are a little more country/early rock and roll and have been compared to the Everly Brothers, only girls of course. 

So today, I was recommending them to a friend, and I discovered that  The Secret Sisters are appearing on Fallon tonight! 

Easily my favorite song from The Pierces. They had quite a few songs on tv, Gossip Girl was kinda in love with them.  Their album ( should I say album or CD, I am dating myself.)  13 Songs of  Love and Revenge is one I can listen all the way through and never shuffle, it is seriously one of my favorites.  They have a new album coing out on September 1. 

This is probably the song The Secret Sisters are most popular for.  They do some amazing old country covers of Patsy Cline, and  great original music as well. 

So what is making me happy today? A set of sensational sisters singing  to insire me.