Day 53 – 100 Happy Days

Guess who I’m spending time with, I’m hanging out with her right now.

holt 001

Now, anyone that knows Emily, and I certainly do, knows that Emily would not drink a diet coke. She’d give up coke before drinking a diet version. It’s full throttle high octane original Coca-Cola for her or nothing. I will say in the new book, our gal does have her refrigerator  stocked with the Winn-Dixie version of Fresca, Diet Freshy. 

Day 51 – 100 Happy Days

If there is one thing I love it’s a mash up. This one is perfect.  I love the hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne.  I love Stitch, because  he reminds me a lot of a certain little troublemaker I love with all my heart, especially when said troublemaker was a pup.

shiny 001

And another writing shirt for Marika, because Jayne Stitch is nothing but Shiny.

Day 49 – 100 Happy Days

Ghost Towns

tons 225

Rush is located in the Buffalo River State Park, and at one time was, at one time one of the most populated places in Arkansas. In WWI, the town was the center of zinc mining in Arkansas. After the war, the city went into decline and was abandoned in the early 60’s. This building was probably the grocery store or post office. 

Day 47 – 100 Happy Days

Pens and Pencils always make me happy.

addiction 003

Okay, so the pot with two pens and a pencil is in the kitchen, I don’t use many there, so it has the least. Muttley and Scooby hold my most precious. The pencil box and the wire napkin thing hold my extras, and highliters. The glass is for my bedroom, where I do a lot of writing as well.  Notice there are no wooden pencils, I don’t like them, mechanical for me.  I want to go to Japan just so I can visit a stationery store so I can buy ALL the pens.  I’ve been told I have an addiction … that i have too many. I look at this picture and I think  “No. No, I do not have enough. MORE!” 

Day 46 – 100 Happy Days

I’m playing catch up at work, so that means lot of times on the computer.  So I’ve been in the bedroom a lot.  Want to see what is making me happy today?

Puppy Pillow Forts.

holt 015

As you can see Dash is getting comfortable.

holt 016

holt 018

Oh look I’m getting side eye … time to put the camera down