Day 73 – 100 Happy Days

My Mom is taking off for Germany and is going to be gone for her birthday, so her buddies are having a luncheon for her on the 26th .  I had very little time to find a present, but find one I did, and it shipped to arrive in time! 


My mother loves Heino. 

In case Heino wasn’t a part of your childhood like he was now, he is a singer of traditional volkmusik and  has sold over 50 million records and is one of the must successful singers in Germany. Contrary to popular belief, Heino is not an albino, he has exophhalmos.  

What I remember about Heino is when I was a little girl he came to a summer festival in my Mother’s village.  He was actually going to be singing in a clearing in the forest and she was so excited, like crazy excited.  She was just my Mom then, not a  young woman that loved music and singers like any girl in her 20’s, that excitement stuck with me.  Heino must be a very big deal.  

heino hits 6

Who could resist? 

I tease my Mom about Heino, because who wouldn’t?  Still, she loves him … 

Hieno’s latest cd is a  compilation of German rock music, redone in the traditional Heino style.  I can’t wait to hear it, He’s the gift that keeps on giving


Day 69 – 100 Happy Days


Hmmm, why does this sound so familar?

I was so frenzied by not being able to post a picture, that I forgot the real thing I was happy about. I’m happy that I’m left-handed!

Okay, yeah, there’s a downside, statistically we live 9 years less then righties, we have scars on our pinkies from spiral notebooks, and  the that thing that runs your debit card at the store, yeah, try signing that if your left-handed. Smearing ink is something that happens to me every day. Left-handers live in a world that is backwards, at least for us. Right handed desks? IMPOSSIBLE. Do you know how many times a right hander has watched me writing and said “Are you left handed?”  or the ever popular  “How do you write like that?”

Culturally, things are against us. There are still places in the world where lefthandedness is beaten out of you, literally. In some places left handers are considered to be cursed, wicked, or evil.  There are 100 references to being right handed in the Bible – all positive, lefthandedness is mentioned 25 times – all bad, baby!

There’s a left handed compliment, a left handed wife is a mistress, a left handed honeymoon is an affair, and someone who is unlucky, is said to have been blessed by a left handed priest.

BUT,  we are amazing in combat, and have a high survival rate, lefties thrive. We tend to be more creative. We see underwater better- well , except for me, I’m sure I need my glasses there too. We make up anywhere from 5% -12% of the population, and  when I notice a fellow lefty, I  do get a secret little thrill.  Left-handers bond over being left-handed.

I love being a southpaw, sure Jack The Ripper was left-handed, but so is Paul McCarthy.

So here’s to my fellow southpaws, we fence better, place baseball better, and people wear their wedding rings on their left hands, because despite the “flaws”  it is also the hand that is the most connected to our hearts.  May we all be blessed with friends that understand why we need to sit  at the end of the table.



Day 68 – 100 Happy Days


I sent this to my Mom, because honestly, that’s pretty close to what she thinks I do, except that in my Mom’s vision, I’ve got my mouth open, I’m snoring, and drooling on my computer. 


PS.  Thank you internet for helping me with the happy thing, my pictures still aren’t loading.