Photo Friday – Pets



This is Dash asking for a bone I brought over to my parent’s house.  I had errands to do today, and he went to visit his Oma and Opa. Please know he was begging for this bone.  Once he got it, he totally ignored it, probably because being at Oma and Opa’s is a treat extravaganza… as it should be. 

Breakfast In America

So since I haven’t touched base with the ‘rents this week, I got a call and invite for Sunday breakfast. Scratch that, DASH got the invite  I was his plus one. We got there at 10am,  for sausage and scrambled eggs.. mmmm… Only not.

Marika: You didn’t put milk in the eggs.

Dad: ??

Mom: I never use milk when I’m scrambling eggs.

Marika: Yes you do.  I use milk when I’m scrambled eggs and I learned to make them from you.

Dad:  I knew these eggs tasted funny!

Mom:  I don’t use milk anymore because I am trying to make HEALTHY MEALS!  I use seltzer water to make them fluffy!

At this point Mom starts salting a platter of tomatoes and passes them to me.

Marika: So let me see if I get this straight, you want us to eat healthier so no milk in the eggs, but you are giving us a platter of SALTED tomatoes.

Dad:  That makes no sense!

I got the evil eye from Momster after that , and quite the “I- haven’t-made-scrambled-eggs-with-milk-for-8-years, and-HE-never-knew-then-you-open- your-big-mouth.”  lecture  when we went for a walk.

When we got home, Dash did his thing and started running around the house, showing off.  I was in the garage getting something out of the  freezer, when I heard my Mom my mom scream “DASH.”

I honestly was thinking some sort projectile vomit thing on the new carpet.  My Mom doesn’t like him walking on that thing if she thinks his nails are too long.  It was actually a little worse. Apparently my Little Man was  running around the house as he does, he got tangled in an electrical cord and knocked over a lamp.


Believe it or not the lamp is okay.  Dash is okay.  The new wood floor that my parents just put in?  Not so much, there is a huge gash in it where the lamp  hit the floor.  Dash was shamed with his tail tucked between his legs and looking down and my sweet mom sat down with him and comforted him and told him it was okay.  I  almost felt bad about the egg thing, ALMOST.

So what does a doggie do after he’s been over at his Oma and Opa’s house, playing , snacking and destroying a new wood floor?

pup 002

Wreaking havoc can take a lot out of a guy.