Photo Friday – Still Life



So yeah, my foot isn’t really getting better, in fact the past three days it’s hurt a little more. Luckily, Dash doesn’t have to suffer.  He takes the last half of his walk with my Mom.  I always have to pack a little something with me … perfect for a still life. Check out more Photo Friday

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5 Responses to Photo Friday – Still Life

  1. Are you supposed to still be walking a lot on it? What did the doctor say? I’m still wondering if your shoes are right for walking. I guess the doctor didn’t think you should be in a boot? Many years ago, when I fractured my arm, I found out they no longer used casts. They splinted it, and gave me care advice, and of course I had to get it rechecked, but they wanted me to use it within reason, so maybe that’s the same with your foot. It seems like the repetitive motion and vibration and pressure would make it worse, but I’m no doctor. Hope it heals soon.

    • scoobyclue says:

      The Dr said that i could walk a half hour with Dash in the morning and another at night on pavement – no walking through the field etc … I do have a pair of Reeboks and a pair of Nike’s that are made for walking and they are pretty comfortable… I also have some hiking boots, but I am looking for something with a better fit — which is hard, because while my feet are little — they are WIDE

      • You have feet like my sister. We always called them “box feet.” Nike walking shoes and cross trainers were always my favorite, but I stopped buying them because of Nike’s stupid decision to re-sign Michael Vick to endorsement deals. Reebok never gave me any support, and New Balance didn’t work at all, though they are wider. I know my feet are never going to be good again until Michael Vick just goes away.

  2. Also, gorgeous banner.

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