Revenge is sweet – and not fattening!

I have a confession to make for a long time the only way I thought of Alexandre Dumas was  the commercial where the guy is getting interviewed and keeps calling his prospective boss DUMASS … that and he was the french guy that wrote a lot of big books that were intimidating to me. Which means I often confused him with Victor Hugo, another French guy that wrote a lot of big ass books.  Here’s what I know about The Count Of Monte Cristo.

1. It’s about a guy who’s friends betray him and he’s sent to prison for a real long time.

2. There is a old cray guy in prison with him who maybe tells him about some treasure.

3. The guy escapes, transforms himself into the Count of Monte Cristo and gets REVENGE

4.  I always think it’s Crisco  not Christo, which I think that we can all agree would make it a very different book, one that I might want to read ( perhaps a short order cook  becomes the a millionaire, his empire built on deep fried chicken  etc … ) or maybe it wouldn’t be so different.

I have intended on reading the book for a long time. And it’s kind of surprising that I’ve never read it before. I love me some revenge.  I like it when people get revenge.  I would be a revenge seeker as well, I’m just not wily enough for follow through.

Friend Lisa of the OKC  has encouraged me to do so, this week in fact.  Last night I finished the book I was reading, I was thinking of what to read next, and I turned on Mysteries at the Castle, and what do you know – a segment on the real life Count of Monte Cristo, which I did not know existed.


Pierre Picaud was imprisoned in Fenstrelle Fort and apparently got rich and got his revenge, which is the basis of the story. I figured it was the universe, not just Lisa from the OKC, was telling me it was time to tackle the big French book.

Eddie Dantes and I began our journey tonight – only 1243 pages to go!

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4 Responses to Revenge is sweet – and not fattening!

  1. macstabby says:

    SUCH a good book. A nice, fast read too; not at all putzy like Three Musketeers is in spots.

  2. Lisa says:

    Now I have to see if I can get that on my kindle–to go with the million other books I have on my kindle that I have yet to read.

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