Another Finish!

This is my year! I finished another project! Congratulations to me!

humming 003

Confession, this is supposed to be done on linen so you can puff it up like a little pillow and have it hanging on your scissors.  Personally, as a left hander, I have enough problems with scissors, I don’t need things hanging from them  – and I will not endorse this for others either, mostly out of jealously.  If I can’t have scissor art, NO ONE CAN HAVE SCISSOR ART!  So I blew it up — and look, it’s still small.

This is from Barbara Ana Designs  and you might recognize her work, she also did my Nevermore You’ll see he was supposed to be scissor art too.  You’ll be seeing a little more of her too.   If there’s one thing I like it’s a combination of tradition and whimsy. And who doesn’t like humming birds, and these humming birds have cute little flower hats!

I’m making Christmas gifts this year and this is for Kathe, I need to find a little tiny frame for it, so that means I have an excuse to go to some thrift shops!

I’m still working on the bigger project, and making real progress, but damn – sometimes I need to stitch some color.

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