Snow Day with the Mighty Mont

First thing, the Mighty Mont does not like it when I try to make the bed.  He dives into the pillows and tries to snatch them back when I try to get them off the bed. It’s a constant fight.

snowmont 006

He cops an attitude …. and if I’m lucky, the bed will be made by 3pm.

snowmont 007

Today was a little different, there was a surprise for him in the backyard!

snowmont 009

snowmont 014

wintermonte 001

It’s hard to get a picture because he moves so fast.

snowmont 022

snowmont 010

snowmont 021

Move!  There are things I have to do!

All in all we spent a great deal of time of time playing in the snow today.  my hair got icey,  my toes froze,  but that doesn’t matter when you’re hanging out with your snow boy.

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6 Responses to Snow Day with the Mighty Mont

  1. Laurel Regan says:

    I love how much dogs love the snow!

  2. Dogs who love snow are so fun. Mine have never been fans.

  3. Lisa from Iowa says:

    He’s so adorable! (Even the one where he’s rubbing his butt on your pillow!) 😉

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