The full Monte

Monte is sick of my shit!




He’s telling me to get it in gear, get my shoes on and let’s hit the road, there’s a walk we need to be on.  I fall in love with him a little more each and every day – and I thank Dash for bringing him to me.

Okay, it’s not all  a bowl of cherries,  he’s not into strangers.  He throws a fit and acts tough.  I, of course play arm chair therapist and think that someone has hurt him and he’s scared.  I think it will come with time.

He’s had a few adventures. He took his first jump in the river and likes longer walks.  He’s met new friends, he does well with other dogs, including a very amourous abd very pudgy dachshund named Jake.  Jake’s owner looks like he walked out of  Rednecks ‘R Us. He looked at me while Jake was attempted to gain Monte’s affection, and said “Jake’s gay.” Long Pause “We accept him.”  It was kinda sweet.  And while Monte was not crazy about Jake trying to win his love, he would just stand up on his hind legs, butting an end to Jake’s plans .  I think everyone handled an awkward situation with dignity!

He’ll let me take away his toys and his food, and even his bones.  He has some favorite toys that he hasn’t destroyed … Lammy is still with us!  While it doesn’t happen often he does like the occasional belly rub.   We get up early in the morning to conduct bizness, if you know what I mean, and usualy we go back to bed for an hour. That’s my favorite part of the day, he sccoches up to me, puts his head on my shoulder and sighs …


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4 Responses to The full Monte

  1. Lisa says:

    Awwww!!! I love Monte more every time you post about him!
    How did he like the river? I like that he likes long walks.

    • scoobyclue says:

      He thought it was cold,but liked it … and after he got out of the water … it was like he had just been dipped into WILD … because he was crazy … and he loves getting back in the car for a rub down, and a wipe off with the doggie wipes. I am writing you a card about it now.

  2. There is nothing like a tender-hearted, big-minded redneck. =)

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