Dress You Up In My Love

There is only  one time  I ever regret the no kids for me thing, and that’s when  I see a cute little dress that I know my sweet little blond haired angel girl would look beautiful in.   Oh, and of the record, even I didn’t make it through that last bit with out laughing, everyone knows SWEET probably wouldn’t be  the word to describe any child real or imaginary, of mine.


Let’s be honest, if I put that on my Monte he’d rip through it in seconds,  but seriously, he’d look adorable in it.  It’s a gorgeous dress, and I had to buy it, it was only $5!  Luckily, my cousin in Germany is expecting a girl so off to Germany this dress goes.  Like me I’m not sure sweet is a word that would describe any of the women in my family, maybe sassy or saucy. Perhaps even bold or brazen – and that’s okay, she’s still going to look beautiful.

Yes, we were out thrift shopping and garage sale-ing today.  And I have to say I saw the world’s ugliest lamp. Seriously, it was way more heinous than anything I have ever brought home. How ugly was it?  Let’s just say my Mom saw it and said  “Marika, no… no… no…”  It was also only $8 … it was  ceramic white with green grapes on it, and since the other hideous lamps  I have are glass, it wasn’t hitting  that happy spot for me, other than I got to listen to my Mom’s stomach churn a little before I told her that it was a no go.  I wish I had my camera with me, you’d have to agree that there are some lamps too ugly for the little bordello in the big woods.


I did get these though.  For a mere $1.50 I got a stack of postcards to use on the cards  I’ve been making. Most of them were blank, but there were a few that were written on and there were some letters too.  I had a great time reading about how Anita’s stumble on the slopes RUINED everyone’s week because they had been planning to rent a little place on Pizmo. Seriously, the “Anita ruined Pizmo” thing was mentioned in three letters from different people. Damn Anita, way to ruin the fun!  I should mention that Buck was pretty happy, he and John were going to finally going to go to Mexico for the weekend like they’ve been wanting to.  I think Buck and John might’ve set Anita up, she took “the fall” for the cancelled Pizmo trip.  SNORT SNORT.

When we got to my parents house we each got a little bit of watermelon, including Mighty Mont.

I think it’s safe to say spring is here.

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7 Responses to Dress You Up In My Love

  1. Lisa says:

    Dammit!! Don’t forget your camera next time!
    Wow. Poor Anita. Nothing like getting grief from everyone for something that was an accident….unless, as you say, Buck and John set her up! Then they are the ones who should get ragged at.
    Not saying a word about you and your sweet angel of a daughter….. 😀

  2. The Anita story is awesome. What a find! I’ve got to do more thrifting. (And, yes, the dress is adorable.)

  3. Your cards are freaking amazing. Every time I get one, I’m dazzled. You have a gift. (Anita should have spent more time crafting and less time ruining people’s vacations.) And girls who don’t read are skanks–if I put that on my blog, I’d offend some of my dearest friends! But oh how it made me laugh.

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