Monte, Sandy and Me

I was editing a little bit of CK, why yes I am still working on that darn book, when two paws were on my left shoulder  and I saw this  looking down at me.  Oh, and he licked the camera for me before I snapped a picture


This is how he tells me it is time to go to sleep, because really, what fun is it being a bed hog when you’re person isn’t beside you to push around.  He’s obviously he boss of me, but did any of you think he wouldn’t be?

Also …work in  progress:


Which leads me to this By the way, my Mom says Squirrel beautifully.  Also there is a video of  Sandra Bullock accepting an award in German. She speaks it so well, it makes me a little jealous.  I need to practice so I can pick up my German award and speak flawlessly.

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3 Responses to Monte, Sandy and Me

  1. Lisa says:

    I had to google the Sandra Bullock clip. (What did she say?) 🙂
    Love the Monte picture.

  2. What German award are you planning on winning? I hope several. =)

  3. Also, Monte licks the lens because he likes that Elizabeth Taylor filter. Makes him feel glam.

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