We’re playing catch-up at The Little Bordello In The Big Woods…

With car repairs, car repairs,  and more car repairs, as well as a hefty trip to the vet, I haven’t been able to write  here much or read much so  I will be playing catch up in the next few days so here is this.

Monte has an ear infection. I anticipated that I was going to have to wrestle him to the ground to get the medicine to the ground, but he’s actually good about it.  In case you forgot how handsome he is


Also I have been on a diet and Monte has lost one pound!

I have been working on CK.

I also think I told you I was doing a little cross stitch for me, and so far this is what  I have done.


But I had to stop, because my cousin across the sea is having a baby.  IN JUNE. I thought there was a little more time, man 9 months goes by fast.  So here is what I have done on that little  project.


Awww… so cute a heart and a pink glob.

And lastly, have you ever heard of a Pileated Woodpecker – that’s the scientific name for FREAKIN’ BIG ASS WOODPECKERS


Now you have

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3 Responses to We’re playing catch-up at The Little Bordello In The Big Woods…

  1. macstabby says:

    That Montype is one handsome fella
    I do like thar cute squirrel, too!

  2. macstabby says:

    *MONTY. goddamn autocorrect

  3. Robert Edler says:

    Gad zooks! When I first looked at the woodpecker I though the entire black image on the left was the woodpecker. But when I embiggened the photo 3X I was the see it right away.

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