I’d really like to see you tonight …

Hello, yeah it’s been awhile …. not much, how bout you?

It’s ben too long since my last visit, and I have HAVE so much catching up to do…. so here is a quick little entry  ….

Work on CK is going well. I got a magazine on revision, and I am scared to read it.  I wrote what I think is a pretty funny bit,  but it might be a pretty pointless too …. whaah! I can always cut it later, right?

I also finished the project I was working on!


Monte is always very interested in my craft projects.


Isn’t he cute?  NO ! HE IS NOT!  He is only interested in grabbing this and running around waving it like a big old flag.  He does that with other things as well….


Cute, huh?

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2 Responses to I’d really like to see you tonight …

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s very cute!
    (I was going to say something about you and Monte to hassle you, but was afraid it would come out or be taken wrong.) Mwaaa!

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