Tea Please

And this Cats and Kittens, is my latest finish …


One of my my Mom’s  friends, she’s sorta my friend too, is moving toa new house.  She loves tea and books.  Is that a thing with book lovers?  I seem to know a lot of tea / book lovers … I’m one of them, although I will say that I have a very narrow tea preference – black and peppermint. Done.

In other news,  I am also done with the Harry Potter series.  So many thoughts on that …. which means I’m not working hard enough on my own book … shame on me.

Other than that .. I got nothin’, but isn’t my hedgehog cute?

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2 Responses to Tea Please

  1. Laurel Regan says:

    Very nice! I have yet to tackle the Harry Potter series, but one of these days I will. Maybe after I finish the Game of Thrones series – and I’m on Book 3, so it’s not THAT far out of reach!

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