Day 13/365

I finally got to see my friend Jim H!    At first Monte was all DON’T GET NEAR HER!  Then he was  all YOU HAVE FEET!  I HATE FEET!  But as you can see, he decided that Jim was his new bestie!




Is it me, or does Monte look like he’s laughing?



Day 11/365

I don’t think it’s lost on anyone that I’m not a painter.  Still I love St Pete Rocks!  When I took Dash out for our first walk at Crescent Lake we found a rock …

IMG_0530 (1)

I took it as a sign that I made the right decision in moving.

Of course,  now I like hiding rocks. Okay, I’m not much of a painter – but I love hiding them.


This is from my blackbird collection.

For more on St Pete Rocks … check here


Day 10/365

Welcome to  Wilson’s My favorite of all the bookstores.  Today I went in to see if they had  Mysterious Island, I gotta know about Nemo!  I also got  Notre-Dame of Paris, and Phantom Of The Opera.


The murals have not changed in 10 years The owner told me they had someone come in last week to do some touch ups.


Lots of Louisiana love!


What are those mice doing?


And look who is watching!


Day 08/365 sorta …

Thunderstorms … again.  So no real exploring, but I thought you might want to see what this crafty girl, and I am using that term loosely has been up to.  First, I received this from a friend who cross stitches just like me. only not because she finishes stuff.


Sadly I have not done any stitching myself  because of this


That’s right  I have a big fat FROG right there … because that is not how you spell Lamentation is it. So I have some ripping to do and I just hate that shit.

So thanks to a generous friend I’ve been doing some coloring.


I really like doing the postcards rather than the pages.


I also finished 20,000 leagues Under The Sea …. perhaps a book report is called for… It all depends on the weather!