Guess Who’s Back …

At a different time, on a different blog, in a city far far away.  I took a picture of  New Orleans every day  for a year, or at least that was the plan, before things went south.  Still, I love that city – and when I look back on my time there, walking Little Man Dash and taking those pictures were some of the best days  I had there.

So here I am.  In Saint Petersburg.  It’s home now.  Maybe it always was. Maybe like Dorothy, I  just needed to go to some magical places to realize this is where I have always belonged.

St Pete ( I refuse to call it The Burg ) is different now, and to get the never finished,  always working on it, sequel to Phone Kitten done, I’m going to have to do some exploring,  and I thought maybe you’d like to come along.  So in the coming days I’ll be posting pictures of our adventures, because you know Monte will be by my side.





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