Day 08/365 sorta …

Thunderstorms … again.  So no real exploring, but I thought you might want to see what this crafty girl, and I am using that term loosely has been up to.  First, I received this from a friend who cross stitches just like me. only not because she finishes stuff.


Sadly I have not done any stitching myself  because of this


That’s right  I have a big fat FROG right there … because that is not how you spell Lamentation is it. So I have some ripping to do and I just hate that shit.

So thanks to a generous friend I’ve been doing some coloring.


I really like doing the postcards rather than the pages.


I also finished 20,000 leagues Under The Sea …. perhaps a book report is called for… It all depends on the weather!


One thought on “Day 08/365 sorta …

  1. Making good use of your rainy days. =)

    I love that you’re coloring. And I wonder if I’d have spell-checked your cross-stitch if I hadn’t already seen the corrected version on Instagram.

    By the way, whenever you show up in my Instagram feed, it’s like a little gift from the Universe. =)

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