Day 39/365

Look a finish!   I never finish anything! Ask anyone!



Day 37/365

Conversation with my Mom

Mom: Where were you, I just called.

Me: I was getting my ponytail palm out of the rain.  His pot doesn’t have good drainage and I don’t want him to drown.


Me: He’s not a girl, he’s a boy.

Mom: She has flowers. PINK FLOWERS.

Me: That’s the desert rose.

Mom: OH! You said the PONYTAIL Palm, he’s just a hippie.





Day 36/365

I proclaimed myself Trailer Park Khaleesi in a hashtag and frankly, I love it as did others.  It started because there is a dragon in the Toscano catalog that I want, but can’t have just yet …  A friend of mine sent me little Desmond that guards my desert rose, and now I have another.  Meet Barry.


I got him at a thrift store for $1.  How could I not bring him home, and while his home was going to be in the garden, I decided to put him on the bookshelf near my desk.  He looks over my shoulder and he is clearly thinking. “Do tell!  Marika, what your writing is fascinating, keep going!”

Day 35/365

Today  I rocked Barnes and Noble, mostly the classic section.


I’ve never read Moby Dick, but if I did, I think I would root for the whale. Are you supposed to?


A little something about me.  I don’t  like the Wizard of Oz in any media platform.  Flying Monkeys are horrible and Lions are not scaredy cats. EVER!


I’m going to be honest, sometimes this guy is a zombie sometimes he is  Frankenstein’s Monster, depending what book is around.  I couldn’t find Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, so Monster it is.


Not a classic, but lots of fun.