Gruntley Pig, a dog’s 2nd best friend.

Tell me that is not the sweetest face you have ever sceen.  On December 2   I am taking a  paint your pet class with all proceeds going to the SPCA here in St Pete,  and this is what I will  be working on.  I’m hoping I can do it justice.   Artist Amzie  Adams  painted Dash in front of my French Street home  and it hangs in my Mom’s house.  She needs one of Monte…


Last night I dreamt I went to New Orleans again, because Mrs. DeWinter  has nothing on me.  I was there with Monte, we were in the French Quarter and he was being so good.  He wasn’t on a leash, he was walking along side me, and was so sweet.  I was taking pictures of all the places I loved.  I remember thinking the sky was so blue, and Mont and I were meeting Mom at a cafe.  I was so excited to show my Mom  the pictures I had taken,  but they were all gray and ugly.  Just something to think about.