Paint me a picture

I’m the kind of art lover that other art lovers hate.  Maybe hate is a strong word, maybe roll their eyes at is more accurate.  I’m very rigid in the art that I like. I’m not into abstract, surrealism, etc  …  I want it to be “real” for lack of a better term.  I like to look at a painting and seeing a story  I’m familiar with.  I like to see how other people see the same story, and those are the paintings that move me. It’s been pointed out by Someone pointed out my favorite works of art usually of solo women or women about to kill men.


The Betrothed by John William Godward  hangs over my bed. I hope it doesn’t fall and kill me in my sleep, but I don’t think it will…


that’s Cleo’s job!  Cleopatra Testing The Condemned Prisoners by Alexandre Cabanel  is going to be framed in the next month or so.

I get that Someone’s comment  is true.  I love me a single gal or a murderess.

One of the joys about being back in St Pete is the access I have to some truly amazing museums – and the art exhibits that are available to me are amazing.  When I first made it back home, the first exhibit I saw was The Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Dali Museum.  I knew next to nothing about Frida Kahlo and while I wouldn’t hang a Frida print on the wall, I walked away  with an appreciation of her work and more importantly I think,  knowledge about her and her work and what it took for her to create it. I’m working on opening my mind to different things and to different artists, not just the pre-Raphaelites I love so much.

All of this was my long winded way of saying that in my gallery explorations I’ve found a new favorite artist, and it’s certainly different  from my single killer woman obsession.  I see this every time I take a class at the Morean Art Center .

IMG_2192 (1)

It makes me smile every time I see it.

Song of the Day  Armadillo Blue 


2 thoughts on “Paint me a picture

  1. Perhaps what you are not understanding is that for those of us who love abstracts, moderns, post-moderns, those paintings tell a story to us, and/or allow us to create our own. So the result is the same. And sometimes, we are engaged by the sheer newness/originality of an artist’s process, vision, or execution, so we may react to them the way you reacted to Kahlo’s works. I have a friend who is an artist, and she is far more aligned with what you appreciate than what I do. It’s all legit. =)

    1. I am trying to look at things with new eyes and not being so “WTH…” and it’s been fun/ Sa;vador Dali – not my cup of tea, but I love going to the Dali museum, and seeing thinks maybe in a different light and trying to get at something for me — but I still dig me a murderess!

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