Ears to Editing

For one of my writing classes, I’ve polish up a short story I wrote.  It’s my first time editing solo and I’m a little nervous.  It’s something I must learn, and first I am going to focus on grammar and then move on to looking what can be cut etc …  I tend to repeat, or make the same joke twice, and no one needs that.  For the night I’ve been sitting on the couch drinking sweet tea and staring at a computer.  Is the voice right?  Is it right to play that first death for laughs? Will people see the end coming?  I’m nervous about it.  I’m going to find a contest, or an anthology to enter, and I want it to be perfect, and I’m not so good at perfect.  I’m a bit frazzled, then I look to my left and see my guy.


And all is right with my world.

Oh, and no worries, his ears were restored to their factory settings

Song of the Day  Ex’s and Oh’s 



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