Guardian Angel

I’ve been taking writing classes at the Morean Arts Center mostly in the Children’s Art room.  One of the classes  I take on Tuesdays is about monetizing your writing and I’m learning a lot of things I should do, and it’s inspired me to really look at different avenues in publishing as well as connecting the things I want to write.  I think in the past  I was writing in the dark and now I write in the sunlight.

Anyway,  one of the things in the kid’s room that I adore is this, she’s become the little totem that watches over me.


That’s right,  Mary Richards is looking down on me saying, “You’re going to make it after all!”

Wait a minute,  could that be That Girl’s Ann Marie? She’d have the same message, right?


Today’s song, by Joan Jett, by the way, I listen to this every day.


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