Bookstore meet ups

My favorite bookstore in St Pete is Haslam’s.


You never know who you are going to run into, if you’ve checked my Instagram or Facebook, you will recognize this guy.

Even more pictures of Beowulf.  I love me a bookstore animal. Haslam’s has two cats, the other is Teacup who is a  bit camera shy.


The romance section is always the best place to spot celebrities, right Fabio?


Pierce Brosnan, is that you?

IMG_2487 (1)

First, 75 cents?  Hello John Forsythe!

IMG_2485 (1)

Robert Redford, twice circa  Butch and Sundance!  How about a hand for Betty Neels, apparently she wrote everything!


Okay, I did not see Jack Kerouac, but I will one day, he haunts the bookstore, rearranging the stacks, always making sure his books are featured in the best places.





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