At the Arts Center

I spend a chunk of time every Saturday at the Morean Art Center and I love to see the different exhibits that pass through, right now there are some beautiful paintings on the walls, and it seems like every time I pass through there is always something I want.  I have a dream to be able to buy something original, a just for me piece of art one day.    This was easily the most thought-provoking piece, at least to me on display.



I think this should be a permanent installation somewhere in downtown St Pete.  Now that I live near the gulf again, I’m much more away of what we are doing to our oceans.  I try to be more aware and think before I buy, I recycle and I’ve gone straw free, which I gotta confess wasn’t so easy – till you see that video of what straw can do to wildlife, then it’s an easy choice.


2 thoughts on “At the Arts Center

  1. I really like this. Often I feel like bears, alligators, sharks, and whales keep showing up in unusual places because all the creatures of the planet are finished with humans and they’re planning something. And I don’t blame them a bit.

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