History Lessons

I’ve been a little sad lately.  And it’s hard for me to say why, because who wants to read me going on like an angsty ninth grader. Let’s just say, over the years I have thought “Marika, you are cursed.”  I shake it off,  I continue my journey in becoming a badass, and then something will happen and I will think “See? Totally cursed. This is not your destiny, shut up and sit down. You are too old for this.”   Only I know these things are ordinary things that happen to everyone, but because they don’t happen at a good time, or they happen all together, I get overwhelmed and scared and CURSED.  But I keep trying if only to aggravate the Universe at large.

I’m going, to be honest, the good old USA is NOT helping me.  Lately, I have been wondering who we are because this is not the America I know.  Only maybe it is, and I just never saw what seems so clear now.

I went to Rohwer, and it was just the saddest place I have ever been.  I wrote that I didn’t know why I had to go there, I just knew that I did.  Now I know.  The Trump administration is considering putting up a  migrant camp two miles away from the memorial I visited.    Read  about it here


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

We really haven’t learned a thing, have we?



2 thoughts on “History Lessons

  1. I finally had a chance to read the article you linked to. Clearly the people including the GOP of Arkansas do not want a “camp” in the area and know it’s a bad idea. It’s probably a reaction that would be typical in any community. Of course, this is why I think they’ll start moving refugees to military bases. No one can tell them no, and it will immediately cut off press and public access.

    This situation makes me sick.

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