Monte writes a letter

When  I was at the shelter picking up Monte, my Mom and Tom went on the Humane Society’s website and looked up his picture.  His name was Taz then, and let’s just say that they didn’t see what I saw.  That changed the minute they met him.  My Mom especially fell in love

‘HE IS SO HANDSOME!” She said. And he was. Still is!

She saw him every day for two years and she’s really come to adore him, and the feeling is mutual.  The last time she was here, she threatened to kidnap him, and she wasn’t kidding.   She misses him, and I miss her so I came up with an idea, Monte writes letters home to Oma,  at the end he always asks if someone or something should be on his kill list and asks for her advice.

“Why is his English so bad?” She asked, “Tell him to talk right!”  She often responds to his letters on the phone.

Monte wrote back with this: Me have bone to pick. Why you mock? I no human. I dog. English second language to me. I speak dog fluent. I no make fun of you when you speak dog.  I write many letter.  I no have thumbs! That miracle!

Tom  gets jealous. “Monte doesn’t write anything to me.”

Mom says, “You know Marika is the one really writing the letters, right?”

Anyway, she has told friend and family about these letters.  And now I get requests.  Martha wants a letter from Monte.  Heidi wants a letter from Monte.  Kathe wants a letter from Monte.

Here is his last letter.



I’m a little scared. I think they can pull it off.









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