Mail,Mail, Mail …

Are you tired of hearing about how I love to write letters?  Too bad.  Because writing letters really makes me happy, can’t explain it, but it does.  It’s old-fashioned, but there is something special about putting pen to paper and mailing it.  There is something thrilling about going to the mailbox and finding something other than a bill, junk mail or a form letter from your Congressman that addresses none of the issues you were concerned about.  At least I think so.  If I find a letter in the mail  I stop whatever else I was doing and sit down and read and start to formulate my response.

My latest letters


This is a thank you card that I’m sending to a friend that mailed me a Moby Dick cross stitch pattern.   I’m doing the bathroom in mermaids and sea monsters and either Ahab or Moby Dick qualifies.  I think Ahab because I always side with the animal, and honestly, he did kind of start it.  One of my letter secrets is this, I go to thrift stores and I buy old lady cards.  This is one of them.  If you’re lucky you can get a gallon ziplock bag for a buck.  If I write to you how can you tell you’ve received an old lady card? Well, old lady cards are often ugly, have a Helen Keller quote on the back, are from a charity organization,  or are vaguely or not so vaguely religious.  I have religious friends so that’s okay.  All my Christmas cards this year are going to be old lady cards.  Another secret, TJ MAXX has the best stationery section that also includes a wild selection of journals all for about $3.99.

IMG_0216I like to switch things up a bit. Obviously, I love postcards. This “letter” I wrote on the back of postcards I thought my friend would like and from my trip to Arkansas.  I’m still working on that one.

Need a pick me up? Writing a letter always helps me… just sayin’.






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