Stitchy Girl Post

With all that is going on in the world today,  I just needed to take a break from the world, veg out on the couch with my beasty boy, read and get my stitch on, after all, I want to finish at least one thing done, and it’s Friday the 13th,  it’s back to Lizzie.

You know the song right?

Lizzie Borden took an axe

gave her mother 40 whacks

When she saw what she had done

she gave her father 41.


Andrew Borden now is dead

Lizzie hit him on the head

Up in heaven, he will sing

On the gallows, she will swing.

Did you know that there was a 2nd verse?  NEITHER DID I!    As I said before,  I really like to get into something I’m making, I like to read, read, read – it’s put a little more me into it and again, I think that I get a little more of an understanding of the person I am stitching for.  So I am reading about Lizzie, and here’s my confession, I’ve never completely bought that Lizzie was the doer in this Victorian Axe murder.   I think she knew who did do it, and she never said a word about that, but I  don’t know that she did it.   So the book I’m reading now is strictly about the murder, the trial and the aftermath.


I’m on Day 5 of the trial, and it’s fascinating.   Her trial was probably one of the first big media trials in our country, and if you want to talk about fake news, this case was full of it, fake detectives were selling fake stories about people that never existed who witnessed something suspicious, or overheard something.  It’s crazy and when you compare it to today because  things haven’t changed so much.







Guardian Angel

I’ve been taking writing classes at the Morean Arts Center mostly in the Children’s Art room.  One of the classes  I take on Tuesdays is about monetizing your writing and I’m learning a lot of things I should do, and it’s inspired me to really look at different avenues in publishing as well as connecting the things I want to write.  I think in the past  I was writing in the dark and now I write in the sunlight.

Anyway,  one of the things in the kid’s room that I adore is this, she’s become the little totem that watches over me.


That’s right,  Mary Richards is looking down on me saying, “You’re going to make it after all!”

Wait a minute,  could that be That Girl’s Ann Marie? She’d have the same message, right?


Today’s song, by Joan Jett, by the way, I listen to this every day.

WIP Wednesday

I do my stitching after midnight.  It’s my way of winding down from the day. I watch a couple of hours of tv and I stitch, stitch stitch.  This year  I joined a group on Facebook which concentrates of stitching from  stash, things you already have and need to finish.  I  have a lot of stash, a shameful amount.  I have a list of about 20 things I have kitted up and ready to stitch, no new gems for me this year – I have plenty of projects, thank you very much.  Also, I usually makes things for other people, and I will continue to do that, but seriously how do I only have two of my own finishes on the wall? So I’m a little more for me.   I know having 20 things on my Finish list is a big grand, the truth is if I get 6 done I will be happy.

One of the things I like to do is learn a little bit about my project.  When I make something for a friend I think of them while I stitch.  It’s something I hope they can feel. While I stitch and learn about what I am stitching, I like to think I’m doing a deep dive into what makes my friend special, why they will like the thing I am making.  It tells me something about them and it makes me admire them more.

I’m doing the same thing for me.  Like I said before I  love me a single murderess.


… and thank you stitchy friend for passing this on to me


Song of the day:  You Can’t chop your Papa up in Massachusettes

Eyeballs and Oven Mitts

Since my writing classes are at  the Morean Arts Center, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at art, which sorta makes sense.  Saturday, St Patrick’s Day or St. Gertrude’s Day  depending how you feel about cats, was a busy day at the center.  There were art classes on the third floor, writing classes on the second floor,  and on the first floor in the exhibit space, the creative kidlets of St. Pete were getting their face painted, having their pictures taken. They were icing cookies and making leprechauns  and wearable leprechaun hats, all in the exhibition space.

The new exhibition is Freshly Squeezed 2 it features artists that haven’t had their big break yet, and I can sure identify with that.  I strolled through the exhibit, and the artist that spoke to me the most was  Jack Fields, he’s inspired by mythology and I think it shows.



Krampus, is that you?


I love this!


This is my favorite for so many reasons and if I had the money I would buy it.   My real father looked like Theodore Roosevelt.  He was bigger than life, and took over every room he was in, at least that’s how I remember him. He also wasn’t suited to be a family man. I think he was always a bit afraid  of being with my Mother and  I, although I don’t know why, we both loved him so much. And I know how much he loved her.  When my parents got divorced, I went on a one girl crusade to get his approval, which by the way, did not work.  When he died, it came as a bit of a relief, because I just didn’t have to try anymore. It was over. My Aunt told me that over a thousand people came to his funeral. That could be an exaggeration,  The Christians are nothing if not storytellers,  but he was popular in town, everyone loved him. I do know I wasn’t one of them.  I  have always thought the saddest part about my Dad dying was that my life went on exactly the same.   This piece made me think about the good things that my father possessed, things I think he passed on to me, even if he didn’t share them with me.  Also T.R. is my favorite President, not because my Dad looked like him, but because you know, Teddy Bears!


This is my other favorite, because while I was there  the artist explained how he made it, every part of it, to a very fascinated little boy.  He told him that you don’t need expensive supplies, sometimes you use oven mitts.  That’s the thing that I am loving about being here again.  People share.  Maybe his mom won’t appreciate it when the little boy cuts up her oven mitts, but  I doubt he’ll forget the advice.

I know I won’t.

Song of the day, which I could listen to every day  zydeco She’s Not There