My life of lies

Is there anything more exciting than getting a sussi in the mail? ( What you do not know what a sussi is? Sussi is our family word for surprise. Example: My parents are going to Branson on Wednesday, and I hope they bring me a sussi. )


Today’s sussi came from OKC Lisa, and I must say it is awesome.  OKC Lisa knows if there is one thing I love, it’s a smarty pants cartoon dog. In fact, I’m on the record as saying that mystery solving dogs, whether it be Scooby ( obviously a favorite ) or  Woofer and Whimper from Clue Club are a huge influence on my writing.  Truly, I love all cartoon dogs, and this one is a favorite as well.

purple 004

He’s short, blond, and has a creepy little laugh just like me. Heck, he even covers his mouth, although I have always felt, until recently it was more feminine when I do it.   Muttley! You might remember him from The Wacky Races, he was Dick Dastardly’s side kick. He also appeared in Dastardly and Muttley In Their Flying Machines, also known as Stop That Pigeon.  You also might remember him from Laff-a-lympics. 


First there are the Yogi Yahooeys all  animals, then the Scooby Doobies, which has a totally different meaning now that I’m older, and The Really Rottens, Muttley was their leader and not the sideki… wait  …THAT’S NOT MUTTLEY.  LOOK AT THE EARS! WHO THE HELL IS THAT?

Yes my friends, instead of writing, which had been my plan for the day, I spent a great deal of time checking out this… this … IMPOSTER.


That is MUMBLY,  who may or may not be Muttley’s twin brother.  He had his own detective show. THERE WAS A DOG BASED DETECTIVE SHOW I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT.


Apparently the guardians of my childhood, also known as Hanna-Barbera,  didn’t really own the rights to Muttley and Dick Dastardly, and to avoid some kind of lawsuit, teamed Mumbly, who they did own, up with The Dread Baron.  The worst part? Mumbley  is a good guy and probably should have been arresting The Really Rottens for their cheating ways.

So there you have it. The Muttley I thought I knew, who I have always pictured as my mean little alter-ego,  was a little lackluster in the rotten department.

It’s made me question everything I thought I knew. Forget, Scooby Doo, Where Are You,  I’m asking Scooby Doo, WHO Are You.

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Photo Friday – Glorious


A bike so glorious  I had to stop and take a picture. 



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Walk On The Wild Side.

This week something happened , well that quite frankly I never believed would be an issue for me … ever. 

I have stress fractures in my metatarsals. 

You read that right, I have a exercise related injury, and even though my foots hurts like you wouldn’t believe I can’t help but be a little proud.


Look, the dogwood is starting to bloom. The trees are still bare, but the first signs of spring are showing up, which makes all occupants of the Bordello very happy. We are at 465 miles.  I have to be careful, but I do have to okay to walk Dash, but nothing more than a slow mile, but we’re going to keep count and add it to our total. 

Where would we be if we were actually walking?  We’d be playing Pa’s fiddle at The Rocky Ridge Farm  where Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the Little House Series.  Which is perfect considering we live in The Little Bordello In The Big Woods.  Hello Mansfield, Missouri! Oh and by the way Lisa, it took me since January to make it there – but it’s only an hour and a half mile away by car!

***This entry was brought to you by The Affordable Healthcare Act. If I didn’t have insurance, I would have waited until my foot was broken before going to get treated.   It’s been a life changer. 


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Photo Friday – Reflections


Perhaps it seems like an odd choice, but these animals are a reflection of me.  Flying Ace Snoopy is my favorite of Snoops. The flannel jammied bear was built by me by a little girl I babysat, for her birthday I built her a bear and she built me one. The jointed teddy bear in the back is not my first bear, but my second. My Tante Hannelore bought me the first, which was exactly like this one, and when my BioDad went to war and my Mom went to live with his family, the first was left on a Greyhound Bus and I was heartbroken, so my Tante got me one just like him. His name is Bussi. There is a matching rabbit in the corner. My cousin Alexandra has one just like him, we got them at the same time. The goat is not lonely now. Most of the animals are Steiffs, given to me by various German relatives, except for Robby the seal, he’s a Steiff, but he was given to me by a man named Klaus. He was very sweet on my Mom and he knew I could be bought.  Last Sunday when we were on out walk, I told my Mom everything that happened on the day I got Robby. Klaus was an architect and he had built a new house that had a castle tower made from stones from the Rhine River, which was pretty cool to me. When I told my Mom her mouth dropped, she whipped out her cell phone and called my Tante Richten. I hope my Aunt told Klaus that both my Mom and I remembered him – and that I can still be bought.

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Photo Friday – My Obsession

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of things that could qualify as my obsession.  There’s Little Man Dash who is snoring behind me, I have a thing for pens, mechanical pencils, otters, cross stitch, crime shows, Scooby Doo, and more recently, The Battle of The Little Big Horn (I’m reading a book about it ) and  Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisps, because they are indeed heavenly.  But for this Photo Friday, I remembered a post my friend Laurel wrote on her blog about her blank books.  Yeah, I love me some blank books. So I took a picture of the ones in my bedroom. 


Oh look you get a couple of otters too.  In fact the carved otter and the and the journal with the pulp cover are gifts from Alabaster Lisa  from the OKC.  The pink book with the pink tabs goes with me everywhere, it’s what I use when I have ideas for Emily’s adventures.  One of the very slim pink notebooks is also with me. I use it for shopping lists, gift ideas etc … The four pink notebooks are made by eco systems and are graph paper, which I love.  The three with the animal covers are by Junzo Terada and have great illustrations on the pages. 


I’d give you a peek inside, but then you’d know my secrets! 

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Photo Friday – Flowering


Dash reminds you all to stop and smell the flowers. 

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Wait, there’s more




It’s not letting up. So much for spring. 

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