Day 47 – 100 Happy Days

Pens and Pencils always make me happy.

addiction 003

Okay, so the pot with two pens and a pencil is in the kitchen, I don’t use many there, so it has the least. Muttley and Scooby hold my most precious. The pencil box and the wire napkin thing hold my extras, and highliters. The glass is for my bedroom, where I do a lot of writing as well.  Notice there are no wooden pencils, I don’t like them, mechanical for me.  I want to go to Japan just so I can visit a stationery store so I can buy ALL the pens.  I’ve been told I have an addiction … that i have too many. I look at this picture and I think  “No. No, I do not have enough. MORE!” 

Day 46 – 100 Happy Days

I’m playing catch up at work, so that means lot of times on the computer.  So I’ve been in the bedroom a lot.  Want to see what is making me happy today?

Puppy Pillow Forts.

holt 015

As you can see Dash is getting comfortable.

holt 016

holt 018

Oh look I’m getting side eye … time to put the camera down

Day 44 – 100 Happy Days

No picture today … actual words! 

The reviews for Phone Kitten are at 515. 

Here is the latest review:

This book was a treat because, in spite of a murder or two thrown in, it was so good humoured. I enjoyed the antics of Emily and could totally understand her frustration in the “normal” workaday world. Her mysterious classmate and would be boyfriend, Rick, was delightful and of course, gorgeous.

The one aspect of this book which I really enjoyed was the energy of the writing! The words sparkle!

The pace is good, the tension comes at the right moments and the fun is all the way through.

Congratulations to the author who, I hope, has written another Emily adventure somewhere along the line!

I’m not going to deny it, I love that the reviewer uses the word sparkle. 

It’s no secret that I’ve had a huge block with writing the sequel, something that constantly aggravates my mother.  She thinks writing is easy, and for me it has proven to be not so much.  It seems like I sit down, and I start thinking of other characters, other stories.  It’s not that I don’t want to write Emily, because I do, I just get scared so I end up monkeying around with names and rewrites .

That ends tonight

Day 43 – 100 Happy Days

surprises 041

I FINALLY put something on the back and got this baby on a wall! Hurray! It’s hanging right in front of the breakfast bar at the border between the kitchen and the living room and it has a few of my favorite things on it. I will always love Stevie, Billy and Scooby. Also there are a couple of recipes there for a few things I want to try. I’ll give a report!