Day 85 – 100 Happy Days

So I sent this to my Mom today, basically to make fun of her, because I’m like that. 

Let me tell you what makes me happy about this. 

1. Tom isn’t just singing, this is a dramatic interpretation. He is such and over-actor, but hey no one appreciates a nice slice of ham more than me. When he does the gal part, it cracks me up.

2. Tom’s keen fashion sense.  I know it speaks to it’s time, however bell bottoms, platform shoes, and an unbuttoned to the navel shirt. Classic. 

3. How the cross and his enormous belt buckle hypnotize you to gaze “hipward” Seriously, how tight are those pants?

4. That little runway shuffle he does  – MAGIC. 

Oh how I cackle when I send her little videos.  Which brings me to the next thing I am happy about, so glad I don’t have a kid like me. 

Day 82 – 100 Happy Days



Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella is what’s making me happy today, so I thought I would post a picture of one of my favorite twenties girl, Clara Bow, who wasn’t treated as good as she deserved to be by the powers there be in Hollywood. Wow, somethings never change, huh? 

But Twenties Girl is not about Clara Bow, it’s about a girl in her twenties  who is being haunted by the great aunt she never knew who lived in the twenties. Aunt Sadie needs Lara’s help to find her favorite necklace so she can rest in peace.  Sadie adds some sizzle to Lara’s life, and Lara shows Sadie that she wasn’t a nobody. 

As the reviewers said I laughed, I cried. This is the kind of book I truly enjoy, a book about someone becoming who they are meant to be. I loved, loved loved it. 

I’ve been to festivals where the merits between literary fiction and genre fiction. Blah…blah..blah.  So here’s my thought, because I know you want to know what I think. It’s all good.  God, Buddha, Harv, whatever you call your big guy in the sky, gives each writer a certain gift. Each writer conveys what they are meant to convey in a different way.  If your gift as a writer is to write something fluffy and fun that makes people smile and laugh, then that’s what you do. Making someone laugh, that’s magic.  

It was a great thing for me to read while I’m working on Emily II, because I want people to love Emily in the way I loved Lara and Sadie.  So big thanks to Sophie Kinsella for sharing her gift with me — and inspiring me to push a little more. 

Oh, by the way, Twenties Girl was my GHOST STORY. Next up, a writer I’ve only heard good things about, a writer I should love, but have never read. I’m kinda excited!