Day 100 – 100 Days of Happy

He makes me happier than anything else

scoobs 003

And done!

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Day 99 – 100 Happy Days

Because Becky requested and Iowa Lisa was there …

tons 222

..from the deep.

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Day 98 – 100 Happy Days

Okay, seriously. I am having so much fun with my Scooby-Doo action figures.

scoobs 019

Freddie, clueless as ever.

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Day 97 – 100 Happy Days

Today I dreamt of Michael Shannon. Which is odd, because while I appreciate his work, he’s not one of those actors I really ever think about. So why he was standing next to me drying dishes in my dream was beyond me, but there he was.


Here he is,  Michaell Shannon dream dish doer.

Then I checked the tv schedule.  I fell asleep on the History Channel’s day of Lincoln. There were several shows about the assassination on while I was snoozing.  And I think that Michael Shannon looks a lot like this guy.


Look, it’s Booth conspirator, Lewis Powell aka Lewis Payne.

Come on, take another look.


If Powell/Payne had not fallen in with the wrong crowd and been executed when he was 21,  he would have aged into Michael Shannon.

I did my own dream interpretation, gotta be happy about that.

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Photo Friday – Panorama

park 008

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Day 96 – 100 Happy Days

peacock 014

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Day 95 – 100 happy Days

peacock 013

For Smarty Pants Iowa Lisa,  I’d like a 1000 word essay on the goddess pictured here. That is what making me happy

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