Photo Friday – Landscape 2015


This is my favorite landscape – check out Photo Friday for landscape

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Photo Fridays -Leaves

leaves 001

No creature on earth loved leaves as much as Dash did.  I’m so lucky he was mine for his time here.

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Count On Me

I’m not going to go into a long story about how we met. We just did.  You’re going to be hearing a lot about him so I thought you might want to take a gander.

Meet Count Montague Butters.

montw 002

He likes to keep things simple.  His nobility embarrasses him,  so  please just call him Monte.

m2 002

My Mom was pretty “anti” on the whole adoption thing, and had placed a ” NO DOGS ALLOWED”  rule in play. Monte was only going to be allowed on the back deck or the garage.  And then she met Monte, 2 minutes later he was in the house, and she was passing out treats and had a toy for him.

hides 003

Here he is exploring the royal  gardens.

hides 006

He’s camera shy.

hides 009

No one’s going to puts baby in a corner.

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Photo Friday – Weather

creepy 001

For more weather check out Photo Friday

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Photo Friday – Best of 2014

rebels 005

I know I have posted this before, and it is maybe not technically  the best picture I took this year, but in my heart  it is.  Check out Photo Friday

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the devil in disquise

I went to my Mom’s after running around on errands today, and she’s gussied the place up for Christmas and let me tell you, it is catalog pretty.

Except for one thing, the devil angel.

Yes, that’s right, my Mom has a devil angel. The scariest Christmas decoration  ever created, and bare in mind I grew up with a Krampus  Christmas tradition.   My Mother says her angel is NOT the devil, that she is beautiful.  I’ll let you decide.

c tree 002

Marika: That angel is horrifying.

Mom: She is not!

Marika: Seriously, she’s a devil.

Mom: She’s pretty.

Marika: I’m taking a picture of her so I can show people, and seriously, do you think it’s a good idea to keep  her so close to the nativity, she’s going to scare baby Jesus.


I go to take the picture.

Mom: For God’s sake! Don’t get so close!

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Shaggy Saves

ew 004

While posing for the cover art of his soon to be released Christian rock album, Shaggy is photo bombed by Ranger Rick.

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