Happy St Gertrude’s Day

..also she banished a sea monster.



Galentine’s Day


Guys!  I really had one!

I met up with a group of gals from my writing class at Frida’s Bakery and Cafe and had a wonderful time.  The goal?  To eat as many desserts as possible.  We each ordered something different and shared because that’s what gal friends do!


A good time was had by all. And yes, the majority of that apple fritter went home with me.  I’m not sorry.



Glad I Gotcha

Right now my best bud is sleeping next to me on the couch on his pile of blankets. It was a big morning.  We spent a good long time at the park,  he got a doggie cupcake for a treat and tonight there will be a bone.

It’s been 4 years since we met.  Today is Gotcha Day.   I do think Dash sent him to me, to help heal me, and Monte has certainly done that. I could go through a list of all the ways he makes life better, but wouldn’t you rather just look cute pics instead?

This is the pic that was on the website.  I knew he was my dog before I went to get him. I needed a little longer. Honestly, I felt like I was cheating on Dash.  A wise woman told me that I had a lot of love to give and Dash would want me to share that with a dog who never had it and needed it.


Here he is now.


I called my Mom today  and she knew why. “Today is your and Monte’s Anniversary.”   I gotta say in regards to husbands and boyfriends, I’ve done worse.


How did I get so lucky?

St Pete Murals

I need to get in the habit of writing here again.   Like Kharma Cameleon I come and go, I come and go.   I haven’t been doing the things I want to do, explore St Pete, because of life.  It does get in the way of doing things.  So often it is the things you have to do and not what you want to do.

But I have seen a few things in these last months. Murals! Murals! Murals!



A turtle named Max

It’s that time of year again, from May till September sea turtles come to the beaches to lay their eggs. In 60 days, they hatch and baby sea turtles make their run for the sea.  The Clearwater Aquarium monitors the beaches and the nests on our beaches, they do a lot of other good things too.

Recently there has been a big “straw free” movement here in the city.  I love straws, it was a hard thing to give up, until I saw a video of one of them being pulled out of a sea turtle’s nose, so yeah, I’m living straw free these days.

Look more kid art to inspire environmentalism !



Studying the classics

The summer classes for  St Pete Kidlets continues at the Morean Art Center. Each week  I get to see what they’ve made.  I’ve discovered that I like kid art more than adult art.  And they are studying the classics, and their interpretation of them are, to my heart amazing.

Here I am in the Octopus Garden!


In my writing class, we’ll sometimes find toilet paper holders, coffee creamer lids, all sorts of things that are being recycled by the kids and used in their project and I love to see what they’ve done with them



Yellow Submarine is being re-released for its 50th Anniversary, certainly a classic in all it’s forms, music, and illustration, and judging by the work that the kids have done, still inspirational.