Snow Day with the Mighty Mont

First thing, the Mighty Mont does not like it when I try to make the bed.  He dives into the pillows and tries to snatch them back when I try to get them off the bed. It’s a constant fight.

snowmont 006

He cops an attitude …. and if I’m lucky, the bed will be made by 3pm.

snowmont 007

Today was a little different, there was a surprise for him in the backyard!

snowmont 009

snowmont 014

wintermonte 001

It’s hard to get a picture because he moves so fast.

snowmont 022

snowmont 010

snowmont 021

Move!  There are things I have to do!

All in all we spent a great deal of time of time playing in the snow today.  my hair got icey,  my toes froze,  but that doesn’t matter when you’re hanging out with your snow boy.

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Work Work Work

I have been working on  CK every day  since the Mighty Mont arrived.  I’ve also made it a point to relax and do a little stitching every night as well … so here is the latest update, because I know that you are waiting with bated breath to see  what I have been doing.

eosmonte 015

What was really adorable, and not pictured is that for a few moments  Mighty Mont was sitting right next to this, giving me doxie realness.   I got the camera  and was able to capture this on film.

eosmonte 016

He really does freak when I get the camera  out. But for what it’s worth, right now at this very moment, I have my cross stitch folded in my lap and he is trying to steal it.

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Photo Fridays -Leaves

leaves 001

No creature on earth loved leaves as much as Dash did.  I’m so lucky he was mine for his time here.

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Photo Friday – Gray

A gray day at the river.

dam 012

Check out more Photo Friday!

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Another Finish!

This is my year! I finished another project! Congratulations to me!

humming 003

Confession, this is supposed to be done on linen so you can puff it up like a little pillow and have it hanging on your scissors.  Personally, as a left hander, I have enough problems with scissors, I don’t need things hanging from them  – and I will not endorse this for others either, mostly out of jealously.  If I can’t have scissor art, NO ONE CAN HAVE SCISSOR ART!  So I blew it up — and look, it’s still small.

This is from Barbara Ana Designs  and you might recognize her work, she also did my Nevermore You’ll see he was supposed to be scissor art too.  You’ll be seeing a little more of her too.   If there’s one thing I like it’s a combination of tradition and whimsy. And who doesn’t like humming birds, and these humming birds have cute little flower hats!

I’m making Christmas gifts this year and this is for Kathe, I need to find a little tiny frame for it, so that means I have an excuse to go to some thrift shops!

I’m still working on the bigger project, and making real progress, but damn – sometimes I need to stitch some color.

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In the mind of Monte

video 009

“You know, I think  it would really be funny if I ran through the snow like a wild man, then slide into her at top speed like a snow plow, so she’s covered in the white stuff.”

When I saw that look in his eye, I knew I was in for some kind of trouble.

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Photo Friday – Faces

So here was the plan, for Photo Friday I was going to  get a picture of  Monte and his first toy’s faces. Lisa from the OKC was kind enough to send him Lammy and it arrived today.

Monte fact: Monte is not a fan of the squeaker. He was all about Lammy till I squeaked him, then he ran off.  He came back, grabbed it, played with it , squeaked it and took off across the room.  He came back took on Lammy, was giving him what for, and once again once he hit the squeaker ?

lammy 003

As you can tell it did not go as planned.  Turns out Monte hates the camera.  Seriously, I touch it and he runs away. In my last entry he is sitting in the leaves.  After that pic was clicked he burrowed into the leaves  to hide from it.  Work with me Monte!   So here is Lammy’s face …

lammy 002


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