Sunday Special – Stuff I Made

Since I am done with  Halloweenie,  I decided to make something for me, something for my house  and here is a surprise, there is no macabre element to it.  No witches, no Poe, nothing like that at all …


I already know where I’ll be hanging it.

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Photo Friday – Wet

This is what my world looked like  three weeks ago


This is what it looks like today …


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Sunday Special – Stuff I made

Take a peek at Germany’s greatest import, yes even better than a VW bug, and that’s saying something… I’m talking doxies.   If you had one dachshund, you are a fan for life.  The are wonderfully silly, fun little dogs that are unfailing in their loyalty.  Montie has a bit of dox in him, and I think it shows.  He stretches out like a slinky and has that narrow noble nose and face.  that says “Ja, Ich bin ein Dackel.”  Then he orders a beer, and downs a bratwurst while listening to the musical stylings of Heino.


I made this as a Christmas present to a couple of friends, who happen to have some very charming dachshunds  roaming their home.

I know I have said it before, but Paulette and her designs at Plum Street are one of the reasons I started cross stitching again. And she’s done a great service to Doxie fan’s everywhere. I’m going to be doing a little something for me, and then I’m moving on to this.  And Lisa, I think you will like the newest addition to her family, cute!

So a big thanks to Paulette!

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The full Monte

Monte is sick of my shit!




He’s telling me to get it in gear, get my shoes on and let’s hit the road, there’s a walk we need to be on.  I fall in love with him a little more each and every day – and I thank Dash for bringing him to me.

Okay, it’s not all  a bowl of cherries,  he’s not into strangers.  He throws a fit and acts tough.  I, of course play arm chair therapist and think that someone has hurt him and he’s scared.  I think it will come with time.

He’s had a few adventures. He took his first jump in the river and likes longer walks.  He’s met new friends, he does well with other dogs, including a very amourous abd very pudgy dachshund named Jake.  Jake’s owner looks like he walked out of  Rednecks ‘R Us. He looked at me while Jake was attempted to gain Monte’s affection, and said “Jake’s gay.” Long Pause “We accept him.”  It was kinda sweet.  And while Monte was not crazy about Jake trying to win his love, he would just stand up on his hind legs, butting an end to Jake’s plans .  I think everyone handled an awkward situation with dignity!

He’ll let me take away his toys and his food, and even his bones.  He has some favorite toys that he hasn’t destroyed … Lammy is still with us!  While it doesn’t happen often he does like the occasional belly rub.   We get up early in the morning to conduct bizness, if you know what I mean, and usualy we go back to bed for an hour. That’s my favorite part of the day, he sccoches up to me, puts his head on my shoulder and sighs …


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Photo Friday – Mountain

How timely!  I was looking at the mountains on Sunday.. okay, I live in The Ozarks, so I look at them every day, but I tool a picture  on Sunday

eagle 010

Check out other mountains on Photo Friday!

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Snow Day with the Mighty Mont

First thing, the Mighty Mont does not like it when I try to make the bed.  He dives into the pillows and tries to snatch them back when I try to get them off the bed. It’s a constant fight.

snowmont 006

He cops an attitude …. and if I’m lucky, the bed will be made by 3pm.

snowmont 007

Today was a little different, there was a surprise for him in the backyard!

snowmont 009

snowmont 014

wintermonte 001

It’s hard to get a picture because he moves so fast.

snowmont 022

snowmont 010

snowmont 021

Move!  There are things I have to do!

All in all we spent a great deal of time of time playing in the snow today.  my hair got icey,  my toes froze,  but that doesn’t matter when you’re hanging out with your snow boy.

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Work Work Work

I have been working on  CK every day  since the Mighty Mont arrived.  I’ve also made it a point to relax and do a little stitching every night as well … so here is the latest update, because I know that you are waiting with bated breath to see  what I have been doing.

eosmonte 015

What was really adorable, and not pictured is that for a few moments  Mighty Mont was sitting right next to this, giving me doxie realness.   I got the camera  and was able to capture this on film.

eosmonte 016

He really does freak when I get the camera  out. But for what it’s worth, right now at this very moment, I have my cross stitch folded in my lap and he is trying to steal it.

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