A tale of two dogs.

There are some things you never get over.  Dash is one of those things. I miss him.  Sixteen years is a long time to have a dog, and I know I should feel lucky, and I do… we got a lot of love in, but losing him broke me.   I still think about him in some way every single day.

When Dash and I roamed the streets of New Orleans, we lived across the street from a rather famous artist Amzie Adams.  He was doing a series of paintings of all the houses on our block. When you have an amazing artist like Amzie right there, you have to ask if he’ll paint your dog with the house. And that is just what he did.  I gave the painting to my mother, and she is sending it home to me.  I think he captured Dash perfectly, his handsome smile and his wild heart shines through.  I tear up a little when I look at it.  And I will be eternally grateful to Amzie for showing me this kindness.


And I gave something to her.  A painting of Monte.  I’m not Amzie, but it’s not too bad and my Mom loves it.  Monte is nothing like Dash,  he needs me in a way Dash never did, and I’ve always felt that Dash brought us together.  I love him with all my heart.  How have I been so lucky to have so many good dogs in my life?



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